Now reading: Series Launch 2023 lineup!


Series Launch 2023 lineup!

We are thrilled to announce the 9 series projects and 3 development executive participants that have been selected for MIDPOINT Series Launch.

March 07, 2023

Let us introduce you to nine projects and the participants, which will be presented at Industry@Tallinn & Baltic Event in November 2023: 

Arizona Joe / Latvia
Matiss Kaza, writer
Dace Siatkovska, producer

Behind the Wall / Czech Republic
Lia Berger, writer
Vasco Viana, director
Iuliia Mamaeva, producer 

Brain Drain / Serbia
Matija Dragojevic, writer
Ljubica Lukovic, writer
Maja Popovic Milojevic, producer  

I Seek A Kind Person / Germany
Romina Ecker, writer
Gabriele Simon writer, producer

Kilwater / Poland 
Malgorzata Pilacinska, writer
Kaja Jalocha, producer

Love is a Pitch / Slovakia
Michaela Klanicova, writer
Hana Hancinova, writer 
Lukas Teren, producer

Palace of Worries / Switzerland
Luka Djikanovic, writer
Fiona Ziegler, writer, director

Rainbow Gravity / Serbia
Sara Saric Writer, director
Andjela Lazic, producer

Vertebrae / Romania
Andrei Epure, writer
Ioana Lascar, producer

Meet also three Development Executive participants:
Klara Follova / Czech Republic
Jon Gojani / Kosovo 
Elif Ozsut / Turkey

Writers, directors, and producers are about to experience the intensive development process as well as meet the international market and decision-makers. Three development executive participants will accompany the selected projects on their nine-month journey while enhancing their skills.

The program welcomes again on board series programs Head of Studies Gabor Krigler (Hungary), who will act as a group leader alongside Tatjana Samopjan (Sweden) and Steve Matthews (United Kingdom).

We are very excited to welcome aboard new Development Executive Mentor Christopher Haug. Norwegian screenwriter, consultant and executive producer currently serves as Head of Drama Series Development for the Nordics at HBO Europe.

Series Launch program will start with the online preparatory kickoff (March 13-17, 2023) and afterward, all the creative Teams and DE participants will meet together in person for two residential workshops in the Czech Republic (March 27 – April 2, 2023 and June 12 – 19, 2023). 
The program will conclude in November with a third residential workshop within the Industry@Tallinn & Baltic Event with the presentation platform Season Finale. 

Congratulations to all selected projects and participants!

Welcome aboard!

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Arizona Joe

A young man in search of his lost father. An actress willing to do anything to become a movie star. A director in the making of his final film. They meet under the roof of a Soviet-era film studio ...
MIDPOINT participants: Dace Siatkovska, Matiss Kaza
Project detail

Behind the Wall

Before he dies, apartment complex owner wants to see his estranged daughter. Triska Rose abides, flying to Prague for the first time since leaving for the states as a teenager. But he dies while ...
MIDPOINT participants: Vasco Viana, Iuliia Mamaeva, Lia Berger
Project detail

Brain Drain

It's 2023 and Serbia is becoming a luxury travel destination thanks to Playground, popularly dubbed “Air BnB for bodies”. Wealthy tourists are pouring in for short term accommodations in the bodies ...
Project detail

Rainbow Gravity

One night, after stealing illegal stash of hormones hidden in a panda sex toy, Ash, a gay drug dealer, and his lesbian friend Lily, along with their LGBTQ+ acquaintances in Belgrade, rush to sell ...
MIDPOINT participants: Andjela Lazic, Sara Saric, Sara Saric
Project detail

Welcome, Kinder!

Berlin, 1938. Life became unbearably difficult for Jewish citizen, peaking in the November pogroms. While an outrage goes through the world, Great Britain is the only country to take action. They ...
MIDPOINT participants: Gabriele Simon, Gabriele Simon, Romina Ecker
Project detail


During one of the first rescue missions under Marta command, a Swedish yacht mysteriously goes missing. This incident hooks the attention of Zora, Swedish prosecutor. The women join forces to ...
MIDPOINT participants: Kaja Jalocha, , Malgorzata Pilacinska
Project detail

Love is a Pitch

A group of quirky, dubiously skilled women in their 30s joins a second league football championship. Just as the reality of muddy pitches and experienced opponents sobers them up, they realize that ...
MIDPOINT participants: Lukas Teren, Michaela Klanicova, Hana Hancinova
Project detail

The Fassbinds

Two brothers from the eccentric Fassbind family inherit the distillery and Grand Hotel. As genius businessmen, Siegfried invents the first distillery on rails, while Junior fights for the ...
MIDPOINT participants: Luka Djikanovic , Fiona Ziegler, Fiona Ziegler
Project detail


In a quiet village by the Black Sea, local police officer Cosmina assists in investigating the suspicious death of a construction worker. The homicide unit quickly closes the case just as she ...
MIDPOINT participants: Ioana Lascar, Andrei Epure
Project detail

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