Mission & values

Developing talents for the European film and series industry

Since 2010, we’ve been supporting writers, directors and producers from Central and Eastern Europe and beyond in advancing their film and series projects, bringing new life and ideas into the European film and series markets.

Sharing experience

Unique, comprehensive support for film- and series-makers early in their careers

The exchange of experience and mutual inspiration is crucial in the creative industries. MIDPOINT Institute is devoted to providing a platform that fosters this exchange, stewarding emerging and mid-career professionals as they break into the European film and series industry, and partnering as consultants for experienced professionals who want to advance their skills.


films and series guided through the development process


films and series projects presented on respected industry platforms


films and series successfully produced


alumni and more than 150 tutors and experts are part of the MIDPOINT family

Sharing passion

We believe in the power of well-told stories

Our experience confirms that a well-built plot, compelling characters and a clear vision of a film or series are the pillars for success. We systematically tailor the principles of dramaturgy to craft an individual approach that supports creators in achieving their visions and telling their stories, regardless of genre.

What we value at MIDPOINT is the ambiance of its programs. Professional, yet supportive and collaborative – motivated by the shared passion for discovering stories together.
Barbora Struss
MIDPOINT Institute Director

Sharing values

We accelerate cooperation among European content creators

We see cooperation as essential for the production of high-quality European films and series, and we promote the values that support it. Focusing on Central and Eastern Europe, our mission is to show that through cooperation, professionals from this region can achieve success.


MIDPOINT Institute aims to provide a professional, supportive and safe creative environment in which each individual feels comfortable and inspired.


We identify your aims and help design the steps for you to achieve them, for the benefit of all who have a stake in your project.


Our programs cover a wide range of topics, genres and focuses. We believe it's necessary to provide a comprehensive overview and context within each of them.


Our highly professional tutors and accomplished experts and collaborators promote an open-minded and friendly approach that respects each individual and his/her vision.

Continuous feedback

We continually evaluate every aspect of our programs and methods, relying on participant input to identify strengths and weaknesses, relevance and benefits in order to implement improvements.


We focus on Central and Eastern European filmmakers, but also strive for maximum diversity and inclusion. Professionals from other countries and backgrounds are warmly welcomed to stimulate collaboration, foster international co-productions and to further enrich the European film and series industry.