Now reading: Meet the 2023 Feature Launch projects & participants!


Meet the 2023 Feature Launch projects & participants!

We are thrilled to announce the 9 new feature film projects and introduce the 3 script consultant trainees that have been selected for MIDPOINT Feature Launch 2023, our leading feature-length film program designed for filmmakers working on their first and second films. 

February 27, 2023 programs

The „final 9“ resulted from the multi-stage selection process we started in early January and in total, 20 creative teams got the chance to receive feedback on their projects and to improve their projects.

Writers, producers and directors selected for the Feature Launch are about to experience in-depth script and project development training, starting in March 2023. Moreover, three script consultant trainees will accompany them on their inspirational journey.

They will be led by group leaders Pavel Jech, Pavel Marek and Ivo Trajkov, and script consultant trainees mentor Gyula Gazdag. The producers will be guided by producer mentor Danijel Hocevar and numerous guest tutors (e.g. Ada Solomon, Christian Routh, Katarina Tomkova) and other lecturers and experts will join us.

The whole program starts online today with Online Preparatory Seminar for Script Consultant Trainees, then it continues with a residential workshop in Bratislava (March 3-10), then continues with online workshops on May 1 – 5, 2023.

The third residential workshop in Prague (June 2023) is immediately followed by the Works in Development - Feature Launch project showcase at the Karlovy Vary IFF in July 2023.

The main financial KVIFF & MIDPOINT Development Award of 10,000 EUR for the best project will be granted within Eastern Promises Industry Days of Karlovy Vary IFF as well.

Then the arch of the program will continue with another online workshop in November 2023 focused also on marketing and distribution strategies.

Selected producers of the 2023 edition will also be invited to Trieste, Italy in 2024 for the special Company Time follow-up workshop, which will offer support in the areas of company sustainability and strategic business planning. This training is designed and co-organized with our partner EAVE.


Excavators / Cyprus
Argyro Nicolaou, writer/director
Constantinos Nikiforou, producer

Flight from Kabul / Slovakia
Sahraa Karimi, writer/director
Wanda Adamik Hrycova, producer

God Break Down the Door / Czech Republic
Vojtech Novotny, writer/director
Tomas Pertold, producer

Paperplanes / Greece
Selini Papageorgiou, writer/director
Iro Aidoni, producer
Mina Dreki, producer

Shadow Play / Iceland, Belgium
Kristian Van der Heyden, writer/producer
Pauline Baert, writer
Yr Thrastasdottir, director

Soft Hours / Hungary
Anna Gyimesi, writer/director
Genoveva Petrovits, producer

The Boy Who Saw In The Dark / Latvia
Rasa Bugavicute-Pece, writer
Pauls Kesteris, director
Kristians Alhimionoks, producer

The Portuguese House / Portugal
Avelina Prat, writer/director
Gerard Marginedas, producer 

whatever, lol / Slovakia
Gabriela Gazova, writer/director
Katarina Krnacova, producer

Script consultant trainees:
Tomas Janacek / Czech Republic
Elena Lyubarskaya / Germany
Kevin Meul / Belgium

MIDPOINT Institute is excited to continue the industry collaboration with Karlovy Vary International Film Festival, Trieste Film Festival and When East Meets West, to make another edition of Feature Launch possible!

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whatever, lol

It’s all about coming-of-(r)age. whatever, lol follows two hectic days of three teenage girls* full of enthusiasm and rage. Too different, or not different enough, Johnny, Romi and Alex try to enjoy ...
MIDPOINT participants: Gabriela Gazova, Katarina Krnacova
Project detail

The Portuguese House

One morning, FERNANDO wakes to find his wife has vanished. When he learns she has left Spain to return to Serbia, his world falls apart and he leaves home. While travelling, he meets a gardener on ...
MIDPOINT participants: Avelina Prat, Gerard Marginedas
Project detail

Soft Hours

Ilona, in her late fifties, is a music teacher in a suburban primary school in Budapest. Her son, Tóbiás, who went missing ten years ago, links her unbreakably to her ex-husband, Dénes. When Dénes ...
MIDPOINT participants: Anna Gyimesi, Genoveva Petrovits
Project detail

The Boy Who Saw In The Dark

Jacob, a 13 year-old boy, is being raised as the 'perfect son' for his blind parents. Along with numerous duties, he is their 'eyes' to the outside world in the small town of early 2000's Latvia. ...
Project detail

Shadow Play

A young Icelandic woman named Freyja is consumed by anguish after her newborn child disappears. Disillusioned with the lack of progress from the police and townspeople, she takes matters into her ...
Project detail

Flight from Kabul

ZIBAA (30), a successful Afghan filmmaker and head of the National Film Fund recently got engaged to SAMIR (29), the love of her life. Her end-of-summer wedding plans are horribly destroyed when ...
MIDPOINT participants: Wanda Adamik Hrycova, Sahraa Karimi
Project detail


Klió is on summer holiday back home in Cyprus, when the remains of her grandmother Melpo—who has been missing since the Turkish invasion that divided the island in 1974—are unexpectedly exhumed. ...
MIDPOINT participants: Argyro Nicolaou, Constantinos Nikiforou
Project detail

God Break Down the Door

Bob (18) is an overweight boy of a simple nature who comes from a strongly religious family and lives within the safe routine of Christian values. As a reward, yet against his will, his parents send ...
MIDPOINT participants: Vojtech Novotny, Tomas Pertold
Project detail


Nefeli (30), still living with her parents, is devastated to find out of their divorce. She decides to run away and accidentally bumps into a stranger, Harry (30), who's enjoying a beer before ...
MIDPOINT participants: Selini Papageorgiou, Iro Aidoni, Mina Dreki
Project detail

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