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Series Launch 2022 finally in person

The first residential workshop of Series Launch 2022 in the Czech Republic is over. All of the participants have consulted their projects with lectors and development executive trainees in the beautiful town of Breznice.

We´re happy to see that all of them enjoyed the creative process of writing but also benefited from the lectures and groupworks with tutors Gabor Krigler, Katrin Merkel and Tatjana Samopjan.

The next step are online consultations, however, the second residential workshop in Bratislava is coming soon.

May 18, 2022 programs

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When a body is discovered in an Athens squat in an abandoned hotel earmarked for redevelopment by a huge multinational building firm, its status as a safe-haven for refugees, the homeless and the ...
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A Remarkable Woman

In 1880s Paris, a vain mademoiselle of minor nobility receives some unfortunate news: her lung health is poor, and she's going to die. To outwit death, she vows to get famous ASAP. Whatever it ...
MIDPOINT participants: Cristian Nicolescu, Anastasia Starova
Project detail


Hoping to save face of a hypocritical ecovillage, its adults agree to grant their kids equal rights with the parents. The kids make the village bloom again, but the parents find themselves under the ...
Project detail

Gray Divorce

After finally retiring from their family company at the end of their sixties, Angelina and Zoran realise that they have radically different ideas on how they should spend the rest of their lives. ...
MIDPOINT participants: Ivan Knezevic, Ivan Knezevic, Lea Stankovic
Project detail


Maja 42, pretends to be 36, a visionary scientist, loses control over her private and professional life and has to learn why other people's health and happiness can't be more important than her own ...
MIDPOINT participants: Anna Rozalska, Monika Franczak
Project detail


After his dad dies, Arion (23), who led a quiet life in Italy, discovers he is heir to an Albanian clan of marijuana farmers. But his uncle Ervin (26), a sworn virgin, challenges his succession. ... ...
MIDPOINT participants: Ariens Damsi, Giulio Rizzo, Ariens Damsi
Project detail

Nino and Iliko

Two dancers in love define a nation. ... In the newly Sovietised Georgia, where fear and surveillance reigns and people are executed at night, two young dancers Nino and Iliko meet each other on the ...
MIDPOINT participants: Nino Chichua, Maka Kukulava, Uta Beria
Project detail

Other White

A comedy-drama about the struggles of four young professionals from Eastern Europe chasing dreams, ambitions and love in London. ... Every year, thousands of newcomers from Eastern Europe arrive in ...
Project detail

Splashing Around

When Luna’s irresponsible parents get a job in her high school dorm building, she goes from having to parent her parents to parenting a whole building of teens, all while struggling to become a ...
Project detail

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