Now reading: RETROSPECTION: Great successes of our alumnis in Venice, Feature Launch showcase & much more


RETROSPECTION: Great successes of our alumnis in Venice, Feature Launch showcase & much more


Browse the overview of highlights from MIDPOINT Institute's recent activities.

  • Feature Launch 2021 is over. See who was awarded
  • The very first edition of MIDPOINT Smash Cut has started
  • Apply for the Feature Launch 2022 
  • Four of our alumnis premiered within Venice IFF
October 02, 2021 newsletters
Shortly from midpoint

Head Nurse considered the most promising project of Feature Launch 2021 

Nine feature projects and three script consultant trainees were presented online within Works in Development – Feature Launch at Eastern Promises Industry Days of Karlovy Vary IFF. Following awards have been granted to acknowledge the best projects and most promising producer:

From our programs

We have started a new program dedicated to development of web series. Meet MIDPOINT Smash Cut

The program is designed to help participants to define series concept, outline pilot script and season and also train and explain the specifics of short-form series and the difference to long-form series in storytelling. Kirsten Loose and Sullivan Le Postec are the key tutors of the first edition.

MIDPOINT Feature Launch 2022: call for applications is open!

Move the idea of your future film closer to realization. You may now apply with your feature film project or as a script consultant trainee! Deadline: November 1, 2021 

MIDPOINT Shorts announced selected projects & kicked off the program

Five promising short film projects have been selected for the MIDPOINT Shorts program, which started September 29, 2021 with an online kickoff workshop.

AlUmni success

Four project graduates premiered within Venice IFF and scooped several awards

  • Pilgrims premiered within the Orizzonti section of Venice IFF and won the Best Film Award 
  • Erasing Frank premiered at Venice Film Critics' Week and won the Verona Film Club Award
  • Vera Dreams of the Sea premiered within the Orizzonti section of Venice IFF, won the Edipo Re Award, the director Kaltrina Krasniqi was granted the Authors under 40 Award for Best Directing
  • Leave No Traces premiered within Venezia 78 Competition

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ndre and Paulius haven’t kept in touch lately; but as his foot is in a cast, she agrees to drive him out to a small town near the airport, where his brother and her boyfriend died. That evening they ...
Project detail

Vera dreams of the Sea

Vera is a middle-aged sign language interpreter, who leads a well-structured life: a wife to a renowned judge, a supportive mother, and a caring grandmother. Her serene life is disrupted by her ...
MIDPOINT participants: Doruntina Basha
Project detail

Leave No Traces

Leave no traces is set in 1983 in Warsaw. It tells the true story of Jurek, a 24-year old young man who witnesses the fatal beating of his friend, Grzegorz by the communist police. Since Jurek is ...
Project detail

Erasing Frank

1983. Frank, a kid from the streets of Budapest represents a sensitive, talented, but angry generation - youth with ”no future” in a dystopian world. With his punk band he realizes that the state ...
MIDPOINT participants: Gabor Fabricius, Miklos Havas, Gabor Fabricius
Project detail