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MIDPOINT Shorts project selection

Meet five promising short film projects selected for the MIDPOINT Shorts program.

August 18, 2021 programs

Eleven talented filmmakers from Czech Republic, Cyprus, Lebanon, Slovakia, Ukraine and United Kingdom will soon begin they development journey at MIDPOINT Shorts, a special program dedicated to script and project development of short films. 

Projects and filmmakers: 

April 1989 / Slovakia 
Maxmilian Turek /  writer, director
Marek Urban / producer

Night Shift / Cyprus
Talat Gokdemir / writer, director, producer
Alasdair Bayne / writer, director, producer

Rites / Czech Republic 
Damian Vondrasek / writer, director 
Lukas Csicsely / co-writer
Martina Netikova / producer 

The Annunciation / Ukraine
Nadia Parfan / writer, director
Aleksandra Kostina / producer

Wedding, Berlin  / Czech Republic
Farah Abou Kharroub / writer, director, producer
Patrik Svehelka / producer

In September, the program will take off with a three-day Online Kickoff workshop which puts the emphasis on script development. 

The 4-day workshop will then bring participants to Prague in October. The final workshop will be organized in January 2022 in Trieste in partnership with Trieste Film Festival.

The program will conclude with a project showcase within When East Meets West Co-production Forum also in January 2022.

After entering the shooting phase, selected MIDPOINT Shorts project graduate will get the unique chance to attend the Focus WiP of Cannes Court Métrage.

Congratulations to all filmmakers, we are looking forward to experience this journey with you! 

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A twelve-year-old Michal was born with a cleft lip. He feels inadequate because of his deformed face. His only friend Ondra convinces him to join a street gang to finally break free from a position ...
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The Annunciation

Maria is a single career-driven woman in her mid 30s. A leading IT-firm is offering her an attractive position which, though, means no personal life. Before accepting the offer she needs to see the ...
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Wedding, Berlin

Ramle and Yazur plan a big traditional Palestinian wedding for their daughter, Bissan, who was born and raised in Berlin. Omar, who is Bissan’s husband to be, has dreamt of this night for the past ...
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Night Shift

Strait-laced cadet Yasin is assigned to his first shift guarding the Cypriot coastline from ‘outsiders’. Yasin is excited to be mentored by Gokhan; an exceptional veteran of the border patrol. ...
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APRIL 1989

A few months before the velvet revolution in the Czechoslovakia two teenage boys try to flee and emigrate to the west. With one desire to join the French legion and continue practicing their one and ...
MIDPOINT participants: Maxmilian Turek, Marek Urban, Maxmilian Turek
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