The feature film debut Open Door by Florenc Papas was developed at MIDPOINT Intensive @KVIFF program in 2016

May 20, 2020 success stories

Open Door / 2019 / Albania, Italy, Kosovo, North Macedonia

Writer and director Florenc Papas recounts his experience:

“As a filmmaker coming from a country with a small film industry, I think these kinds of creative meeting points are very necessary. It’s always valuable when writers and directors can get together and find inspiration. An artist can carry this around for a lifetime. MIDPOINT for me was not helpful only for the screenplay I was working on but also improved my writing skills and made me more confident. It is amazing to see the other directors of the same group back then releasing the films now at major film festivals. Somehow, I feel proud as well.”

Florenc elaborates on the festival life of Open Door:

“We made the world premiere in the main competition of Sarajevo Film Festival. Then the film participated in following festivals: Manaki Cinematographers Film Festival, Tetovo International Film Festival, Seanema Film Festival, Tirana International Film Festival, Cineast Film Festival, Thessaloniki International Film Festival, Zinebi Film Fest, Kolkata International Film Festival, Authors Film Festival, Brussels Mediterranean Film Festival and Ficci Cartagena. In the spring 2020, we had 5 new selections such as Sofia Film Festival and Crossing Europe, but due to Covid-19, they had to postpone.”

And what is Florence up to now?

“At this moment, I’m working on my second feature film project titled Luna Park, as a personal story set in 1997 Albania. The film is going to be produced by ON Film Production and the script is written by me and Greek writer Glykeria Patramani. So far, the project has been developed at Torino Film Lab Extended, Mediterrian Film Institute and participated in Sofia Meetings and Crossroads Coproduction Forum. We have been supported by Albanian National Film Center and SEE Cinema Network as well.”

Official website:

Rudina sets off on a long journey with her unmarried pregnant sister, Elma, to meet their strict, traditional father in the Albanian village where they were born. As Rudina’s car makes its way across the mountains, Elma comes up with a plan to enlist an ex-classmate to play the part of her husband.

Director: Florenc Papas
Writers: Florenc Papas, Ajola Daja
Producer: Eno Milkani
Co-producers: Besnik Krapi, Goran Stojilkovic, Riccardo Neri
DoP: Sevdije Kastrati
Art director: Eri Daka
Costume designer: Borana Gjyzeli
Sound: Igor Popovski
Main cast: Luli Bitri, Jonida Vokshi, Maxwell Guzja, Guljelm Radoja, Sotiraq Bratko, Elidon Aliko, Visar Vishka
Production companies: Bunker Film + (Albania), Circle Production (Kosovo), Award Film & Video (Macedonia), Lupin Film (Italy)

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Open Door

ELMA, 20 years old and seven months pregnant, is taking the morning flight from Rome, Italy back to her native Albania. Back in Albania, Elma’s sister, RUDINA, leaves her miserable factory job, goes ...
MIDPOINT participants: Florenc Papas, Florenc Papas
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