MIDPOINT Intensive @KVIFF 2016


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Dates and venue

July 5 - 8, 2016
Karlovy Vary, Czech Republic
(within Karlovy Vary IFF)


Cook, F**k, Kill

A story of one day in the life of a perpetrator of domestic violence Jaroslav K. who works as a male hospital attendant. A handsome and seemingly good-natured man and husband Jaroslav is in fact ...
MIDPOINT participants: Mira FornayMira FornayMira Fornay
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Eternity Package

Bobby is a struggling funeral agent in a small Bulgarian town whose life is collapsing: his wife is leaving him, his corrupt competitor is monopolizing all the corpses in town, and his only client ...
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Innocent Lies

Elo (15) is an overweight girl, bullied by the cool gang of the school and living with mother not happy for her body size. When Elo's grandmother Eliisabet (65) discovers that Elo has been raped she ...
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On the Roof

Yang, a young Asian man, homeless and jobless, finds his way into the good graces of the 75 year old, Rehtaf, who teaches him chess, helps him learn to read, and aids him in a search for love. All ...
MIDPOINT participants: Jiri MadlMonika KristlovaJiri Madl
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Open Door

ELMA, 20 years old and seven months pregnant, is taking the morning flight from Rome, Italy back to her native Albania. Back in Albania, Elma’s sister, RUDINA, leaves her miserable factory job, goes ...
MIDPOINT participants: Florenc PapasFlorenc Papas
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Portrait of a Woman in Blue

Drama. Nadia (40), a Polish woman living in Paris, works for an NGO helping victims of human trafficking. She’s just learnt that her husband Philippe, a photojournalist, might have died in a bomb ...
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Group Leaders

Gyula Gazdag
United States  
Gyula Gazdag is a director of film, theatre, and television productions. He has served as the Artistic Director of the Sundance Director‘s Lab since 1997. He was a creative advisor at the Binger ...
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Paul Federbush
United States  
Federbush is a seasoned production, acquisition, and distribution executive with many years of experience in the entertainment industry. Along with partner Laura Kim, e started a distribution ...
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