Now reading: PAMFIR to be premiered at Cannes´ Quinzaine des Réalisateurs !


PAMFIR to be premiered at Cannes´ Quinzaine des Réalisateurs !

Ukrainian filmmaker Dmytro Sukholytkyy-Sobchuk participated in 2017 in our MIDPOINT Intensive @KVIFF program, which took place within the Karlovy Vary IFF.
We´re glad that his project PAMFIR goes to this year´s Cannes Film Festival.

Story is about Pamfir, who wants to be a decent family man. Challenged by the circumstances, he is forced to give up honest breadwinning to help his family. Drama produced by Sasha Kostina, Jane Yatsuta, Bogna Szewczyk, Claudia Smieja, Laura Briand, Artem Koliubaiev, Alyona Tymoshenko and Giancarlo Nasi.

In 2019 the project was selected to Cannes Cinéfondation RESIDENCE and to Sofia Meetings and also presented within the  Works in progress at Odesa IFF 2021.

Writer and director Dmytro Sukholytkyy-Sobchuk remembers his time at MIDPOINT:

“Everything that happened at MIDPOINT Intensive @KVIFF 2017 was very useful and helpful for our project. When we attended your program, we were between the first and the second stage of our script. We´ve had two tutors who gave us during the sessions very vice recommendations and advice and now I´m glad to share our success with MIDPOINT Institute.“


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Pamfir earns his living by digging wells in villages of the border area between Ukraine and Romania. His wife Helena works in the local veneer factory, their son Nazar, 12 years old, goes to school. ...
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