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Meet the 2022 Series Launch generation

We are thrilled to announce the 9 series projects  and 3 development executive participants that have been selected for MIDPOINT Series Launch.

MIDPOINT Institute's leading series program is designed for creative teams developing both limited and ongoing series projects.

March 28, 2022

Let us introduce you the nine projects and the participants, which will be presented at Industry@Tallinn & Baltic Event in November 2022: 

45° / Greece
Simon Coss, writer
Georgis Grigorakis, director
Jack Thomas-O’Brien, producer

A Remarkable Woman / France, UK, Ukraine
Anastasia Starova, writer
Cristian Nicolescu, producer

Childocracy / Latvia
Elza Gauja, writer
Andris Gauja, writer, director, producer

Gray Divorce / Serbia
Lea Stankovic, writer
Ivan Knezevic, writer, producer

IQUTE / Poland
Monika Franczak, writer
Pawel Maslona, director
Anna Rozalska, producer

Kanun / Italy, Albania
Giulio Rizzo, writer
Ariens Damsi, writer, producer

Nino and Iliko / Georgia
Maka Kukulava, writer
Uta Beria, writer
Nino Chichua, producer

Other White / Slovakia, UK
Matus Krajnak, writer, director
Lucia Brutovska, producer
Matej Sotnik, producer

Splashing Around / Slovenia
Hanna Szentpeteri, writer, director
Zala Opara, producer

Meet also three development executive participants:

Nadja Lapcevic / Serbia
Dagmar Sedlackova / Czech Republic
Sasha Vyshnevska / Ukraine 

Writers, directors, and producers are about to experience the intensive development process as well as meet the international market and decision-makers. Three development executive participants will accompany the selected projects on their eight-month journey while enhancing their skills.

The program welcomes again on board series programs Head of Studies Gabor Krigler (Hungary), who will act as a group leader alongside newcoming group leaders Katrin Merkel (Germany) and Tatjana Samopjan (Sweden).

As a Development Executive Mentor, the program welcomes again Steve Matthews from HBO Europe.

The program will start with the online preparatory kickoff session for development executive (DE) participants (April 4-5, 2022) and afterward, the DE participants will meet all together with the creative teams for an online project pre-training workshop (April 11-14, 2022).
All participants will meet in person for the first residential workshop in the Czech Republic (May 7-13, 2022) and then again for the physical workshop in Slovakia (June 26 - July 3, 2022). 

The program will conclude in November within the Industry@Tallinn & Baltic Event with the presentation platform Season Finale. 

Congratulations to all selected projects and participants!

Welcome aboard! 

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