Now reading: MIDPOINT partnership with the International Festival of Romani Film AKE DIKHEA


MIDPOINT partnership with the International Festival of Romani Film AKE DIKHEA

We're thrilled to announce our exciting new industry partnership with the International Festival of Romani Film AKE DIKHEA, set to take place in Berlin from October 23 to 29, 2023. 


October 03, 2023

As part of the AKE DIKHEA festival is the Avazya Film Lab, industry initiative dedicated to nurturing emerging Romani filmmakers. Through this partnership, MIDPOINT series tutor Marike Muselaers from Nordisk Film Production (Head of International Financing and Co-Production)  will provide her expert feedback on selected projects in development on October 24, 2023.

We firmly believe that including a MIDPOINT tutor in this collaboration allows the lab to access international expertise, offering aspiring filmmakers an enriching experience. Such partnerships promote cross-cultural exchange and encourage innovation. By bringing together filmmakers and industry professionals from diverse backgrounds, these collaborations have the potential to create projects that resonate with global audiences.

Furthermore, these partnerships also contribute to the broader goal of promoting inclusivity and diversity within the film industry. As AKE DIKHEA? and MIDPOINT join forces, they represent a shared commitment to fostering cultural understanding and recognizing the power of cinema to bridge gaps and connect people.

More about Avazya Network: 
The AVAZYA Film Professionals Network was launched during the 6th International Festival of Romani Film AKE DIKHEA? in 2022. Its a continuously growing network with a goal to increase opportunities for Romani film professionals and advocate on a European level for policy change towards equity and inclusion of Romani film professionals within the international film market.

AVAZYA means in Romani language VOICES which stands for the diversity and plurality of the storytelling of Romani people. The approach of AVAZYA is intersectional and multi-perspectival, that is why also non-Romani filmmakers with diverse marginalized backgrounds are welcome to be members as well.