Now reading: MIDPOINT HOMECOMING 2024: alumni reunion & networking platform!


MIDPOINT HOMECOMING 2024: alumni reunion & networking platform!

Present your projects, ideas, or yourself at HOMECOMING (April 28-30, 2024)! 
Come to the upcoming event – alumni reunion & networking platform!

September 26, 2023

We are thrilled to announce our upcoming MIDPOINT reunion and networking event, scheduled in Prague from April 28-30, 2024, and designed for our alumni!

We have curated a comprehensive two-day program for you, filled with enriching experiences, including project presentations, inspiring showcases, masterclasses, lectures, curated networking opportunities, one-on-one meetings, and, of course, the chance to reconnect with both your peers and the tutors from the MIDPOINT programs you have previously attended. Now, we seek your invaluable input to ensure that our event aligns perfectly with your expectations!

If you are one of our alumni, please take a very brief informational questionnaire - no obligations now - here:
It will help us further plan the event.

Please send us your answers by October 15, 2023!

Looking forward to seeing you in April in Prague, Your MIDPOINT Team!