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MIDPOINT Intensive SK introduces selected projects!

Traditional module for Slovak filmmakers, organized in collaboration with CHARACTER – Film Development Association, the Slovak Film Institute and IFF FEBIOFEST Bratislava, will take place online March 30 – April 2, 2021. 

March 18, 2021 programs

The selected projects for the 10th edition of the program are:

Dominika Udvorkova / writer
Martin Suster / writer
Martin Gonda / director
Tomas Gic / producer 

Good Girls Don't Cry
Gyorgy Kristof / writer, director, producer
Michaela Sabo / writer

Mikey's Perfect World
Jan Stiffel / writer
Daniel Rihak / director, producer

Singing House
Jakub Medvecky / writer
Andrej Kolencik / director, producer

For the last day of the workshop, the program will also welcome following guest projects:

The Dead Horse
Barbora Bereznakova / writer, director
Eva Pavlovicova / producer

Rubber Band Run
Juraj Janis / writer, director
Barbara Janisova Feglova / producer

Ivo Trajkov, an acclaimed scriptwriter, director, script consultant and editor will take up the role of the tutor. The core focus of the workshop will be set on both the development of the script and the creative collaboration within the teams.

This program is realized with the financial support of the Slovak Audiovisual Fund and the Ministry of Culture of the Czech Republic.

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The Dead Horse

Old building of the Academy of Fine Arts is falling apart, from the roof to the heating. Art professor Maxim Adamov needs the funding for his sculpture pavilion, so he runs for the head of the ...
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The fate of Mara's native village is sealed by the project of the new water reservoir. She longs to leave the countryside to study in town, however her father, a Ruthenian farmer, keeps her tied to ...
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Gritty Eyes

Mino, a skinny youth from a disturbed background, doesn’t want much from life. When he grows up, he wants to walk away from his alcoholic mother and become something like his big brother Rado, a ...
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Mikey’s Perfect World

Miško (Mikey) is a 12-year-old altar boy from Smižany, a small village in East Slovakia. He lives his care-free life until one day a misunderstanding happens and the whole village starts to think he ...
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Good Girls Don't Cry

After years spent abroad Žofi returns to her hometown Dunajská Streda to confront her past hoping that this rough journey will help her to put life back in order. After an arrival she meets with ...
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Singing House

Imagine that you live on a street where your mentally ill neighbor is playing the same opera aria from the speakers located on the facade of your house from six in the morning until ten in the ...
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