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MIDPOINT Feature Launch Awards 2023

Eight feature film projects and three script consultant trainees were presented on Monday, July 3, during Works in Development – Feature Launch, a project showcase and networking event organized in partnership with Karlovy Vary IFF.

July 05, 2023 programs

Three awards altogether were given out during the award ceremony on the evening of July 4th:

Works In Development Award

The main award of 10,000 EUR was received by writer and director Sahraa Karimi and producer Wanda Adamík Hrycová from project Flight from Kabul.

The jury consisting of Simone Baumann (producer / Managing Director German Films), Danijel Hočevar (producer / Vertigo) and Joseph Fahim (film critic and programmer) stated:

"For its bold vision, political audaciousness, and enterprising storytelling, the Works in Development Award goes to a project that explores a people and place seldom seen on screen; a people and place that have been let down by western politicians who stood idle as the powers of darkness ventured to ravage it in front of the apathetic, complacent eyes of the world."

This joint financial award of MIDPOINT Institute, Barrandov Studio and the Karlovy Vary IFF of 10,000 EUR for the best project underlines the aim of the program itself – help emerging talents develop their film projects.


connecting cottbus Award

The graduate project Excavators, presented by producer Constantinos Nikiforou and writer / director Argyro Nicolaou was granted the opportunity to attend the connecting cottbus co-production market in November 2023 in Germany.

"A fascinating story about intergenerational trauma and the ways in which we respond to wounds of the past, this year‘s connecting cottbus Award goes to Argyro Nicolaou‘s Excavators" stated connecting cottbus representatives Marjorie Bendeck and Katharina Stumm.


Rotterdam Lab Scholarship Award

Tomáš Pertold, producer of God Break Down the Door, was chosen to participate in Rotterdam Lab, the professional training program for producers, which will take place within International Film Festival Rotterdam in January 2024.

"Not only is it about an original premise, a cohesive and well-constructed project and an attractive story but also the approach to filmmaking that we want to support. A strong bonded team that includes the precise definition of an emerging, young and ambitious producer. The freshness, the powerful and genuine intentions, as well as a very promising career ahead make this person the most suitable one to join us in January" stated the Rotterdam Lab representative Facundo Lema.

Huge congratulations to all participants and winners of MIDPOINT Feature Launch 2023!

Creative teams and script consultant trainees will meet online in autumn for the last workshop of the program focused on marketing and distribution strategies.

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