The feature film debut David by Jan Tesitel was developed originally at MIDPOINT Shorts 2013, transitioning at the end of the day into a feature-length movie.

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David / 2015 / Czech Republic

Writer and director Jan Tesitel recounts his experience:

“It was great to discover that there is a platform here in the Czech Republic that is seriously helping filmmakers in achieving a better and more profound understanding of storytelling. Something we were not really taught at film school or at least not to this extend. The overall experience is something to remember because the filmmaker is moved from a distracting reality of the everyday life and put in a space where everything revolves around his or her project. It creates a special kind of focus. The formula is not complicated: find the time to focus on your project and surround yourself by highly creative people. It is the unique MIDPOINT team that makes it work so well. By carefully selecting the tutors, guest speakers and the venues.”

Jan elaborates on David's festival life:

“The world premiere took place at IFF Karlovy Vary 2015 within the Forum of Independents section. David was also selected to Festival du Nouveau Cinema de Montreal 2015 (International Competition), Warsaw International Film Festival 2015 (Discoveries), Sao Paulo International Film Festival 2015 (International Competition), SCENECS International Debut Film Festival 2016 (International Competition), Valencia International Film Festival 2016 (International Competition), Finale Plzen 2016 (Competition).

At Scottish Mental Health Arts and Film Festival in 2016, the film received the Best Film award. At FAMU FEST 2015, David won Best Film, Best Camera and Best Producer award.”

And what is Jan up to now?

“We are currently working on the development of our next feature film called Plague, written by Milada Tesitelova and produced by Julie Zackova. The story is set in the dystopian version of Prague. There lives a thirteen year old Rosalie and her put-together but cold family consisting of a careless father and two brothers. Rosalie cannot wait for the return of her loving and warm mother who has been recovering in the sanatorium in the Alps for ages now. But mommy is not coming back. Instead of her, an orphaned girl Sarlota comes to town and starts attending Rosalie's school. Rosalie does not like this strange new girl a single bit. When the plague epidemic storms into town, Rosalie spreads a rumour that it was Sarlota who brought the deadly infection to Prague. She is not aware how much she will regret this decision one day. We have created a trailer for the comic book trilogy which the film Plague is based upon. You can watch it here:

David is now available here.

A mentally handicapped young man decides to leave the security of his family in order to search the purpose of his existence; whether it is freedom, sexual experience or death.

Director and Writer: Jan Tesitel
Producer: Veronika Kuhrova
Cinematography: Marek Dvorak
Music: Andy Wright Becker
Art Director: Ivana Kanhauserova
Main cast: Patrik Holubar, Alena Streblova, Ondrej Pavelka, Igor Bares, Sarka Vaculikova
Production company: Analog Vision (Czech Republic)

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MIDPOINT participants: Jan Tesitel, Veronika Kuhrova, Jan Tesitel
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