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Original title: Tokos
Participated in: MIDPOINT Shorts 2023-2024
Country: Portugal

On Christmas Eve, Tomi, a trans man and Larissa, a trans woman, while preparing for dinner at Tomi’s mom start a conversation about having a baby.

Thinking he might be pregnant, Larissa hopes he'll confide in her, and she initiates the conversation. While they've discussed it before, they've never found common ground. This time, Larissa is surprisingly committed to becoming a mother, a revelation that catches Tomi off guard. Unbeknownst to him, she believes he might be pregnant.

Larissa wrestles with doubts about her capacity to love in her DNA but she's willing to make an effort to overcome it. Tomi, who had temporarily stopped taking testosterone to explore this possibility, grapples with anxiety, uncertain about how pregnancy might alter his sense of self as a man.

Amidst the backdrop of wrapped Christmas presents, the couple engage in a profound conversation that transcends gender, touching on doubts and uncertainties that resonate with nearly everyone, yet remain uniquely their own.

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