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Little House

Original title: Hiška
Participated in: MIDPOINT Shorts 2023-2024
Country: Slovenia, Croatia

Tatjana (40) lives with her parents in the village. She spends much of her time on Pinterest, dreaming of having her own house that she can't afford. She starts her day working as a manicurist in a nearby town. Her friend Ana (37) stops by and invites Tatjana over. Ana has just finished building a large grey-white Slovenian house with her partner Roki (38). Roki proudly gives them a tour while discussing the construction cost. Tatjana, curious, starts asking about the price if they ditched the second floor, the garage, or if the house was as tiny as a living room carpet. Roki jokes that she should get a garden shed if she's thinking of living on just two square meters. Inspired, Tatjana buys a garden shed and plans to set it up in her parents' front yard. They refuse, calling it a "disgrace." Furious, Tatjana negotiates for a few square meters of land from the neighbor. She packs her bags and moves to her new home next to her old home. The storm is approaching, but so is the smell of the morning coffee at her own place.

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