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Original title: PRYČ
Participated in: MIDPOINT Shorts 2023-2024
Country: Czech Republic

Jindra (40) is supposed to spend New Year’s Eve with his daughter - Bara (15). The atmosphere between them is tense. Bara blames the father for the divorce of her parents. Right after arriving at his house, Bara leaves for the party with friends and asks frustrated Jindra to look after her new dog - Ellie.  At midnight lonely Jindra goes out to look at the fireworks. Because of his inattention, the dog runs away through the opened gate. Bara is furious. After losing her mother, now Jindra lost her beloved dog.

Father and daughter traverse around the vast countryside for the whole night. In the morning Jindra is almost falling asleep at the steering wheel. For him further searching is senseless. The dog can be literally everywhere. Disappointed Bara calls her mother Martina (42) and asks for help. The “clock” starts to tick. Mom will arrive in 1 hour. Jindra realizes that it’s his last chance to prove to Bara that he cares. Even if his actions are going to look… illogical and desperate.

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