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Natasha Markou

Profession: Writer
Profession: Writer
Country: Greece

Natasha Markou is a Greek writer-producer based in the UK. She founded London Production Studios in 2017. Since then, she’s been involved in the production of various genres e.g. drama ‘A MOUTHFUL OF AIR’ with Amanda Seyfried (Prime Video), actionthrillers ‘KILLBIRD’ (Prime Video) ‘AV: The Hunt’ (Netflix), TV series ‘BEACON HILL’, documentary ‘BORIS KARLOFF’(Prime Video), sci-fi thriller ‘BLANK’, and animation short "I MISS HER".

She completed her postgraduate study in Screenwriting in 2015. In 2022 her debut feature come script, ‘YASU MAMA,’ was selected by Netflix and received development input from Torino Film Lab and Writer's Ink. Her Science Fiction TV Series, ‘STAR QUEST,’ also received development input from ScreenSkills, mentored by the ‘KILLING EVE’ and ‘THE ENGLISH.’ Producers. Natasha is an alumna of Brussels Co-Production Forum, European Script Meeting, Cannes Producers Network, TFL, Sundance Collab Directing, ScreenSkills, BIFA Springboard, and Criterion New Writing.

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