MIDPOINT Writers' Room Ireland 2021


Tailored specifically for Screen Skillnet, MIDPOINT Writers' Room Ireland is an online series-oriented 9-day training program aimed at Irish writers.


Organizational information

Dates and venues

January 4-14, 2021

Who is it for?

 Irish writers
(selected by Screen Skillnet)

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The program is designed to train specialized skills and offer practical knowledge about the organization of a writers’ room.

The individual participants, entering the program as talents looking into enhancing their craft and writing skills, will get acquainted with the structure, hierarchy and processes running in a writers’ room from two different perspectives: of a procedural and a serialized show. Theoretical lectures and plotting exercises will be offered alongside the simulation.

The program’s graduates will acquire knowledge and skills connected to the processes occurring during scripted series writing, such as creative teamwork, joint brainstorming, and creating or following one unified narrative voice and vision as well as the structure of a series episode itself.



Gabor Krigler
Gabor’s career began in the writing staff of a daily serial at Grundy UFA in 1999. He became Creative Executive at the Budapest office of HBO Europe in 2010, responsible for all creative aspects of ...
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Ben Morris
United Kingdom  
After studying drama at Bristol University, Ben’s first industry job was as a runner at ITV Studios Drama. Subsequently, Ben became Assistant to the Creative Director and he’d only recently made the ...
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  • Lectures
    Both Sides of the Table - Dealing with Notes
    Ben Morris
    January 04, 2021 | Online

    Wherever you’ve come from and wherever you’re going as a screenwriter, one thing is certain: notes will be coming your way! They will come from all angles: above you, below you, beside you… and even from you yourself, at all stages of the process. Ben will use his experience working on both sides of the table - in development/production and also as a writer - to discuss how to give and take notes in a way that is productive, collegiate and fun. Egos at the door folks because it’s all about the show!

    The Narrative Foundations of a Series Project
    Gabor Krigler
    January 04, 2021 | Online

    Gabor Krigler, the founder of Joyrider TV and former Creative Executive and Producer at HBO Hungary, will explain how the pilot episode of a drama series must serve many different needs. It has to be a great story itself but it also must set up a long, ongoing narrative. He will be looking at the various elements that need to be introduced in a pilot to hook the audience and create an emotional experience they want to return to. The second part of the discussion focuses on the creative processes behind the show bible and what it needs to contain to help sell your project first, and then serve as a springboard for further development.