MIDPOINT TV Launch 2018


Organizational infromation

Dates and venues

Workshop 1
November 4 - 10, 2017
Banska Stiavnica, Slovak Republic

Workshop 2
April 19 - 25, 2018
Pilsen, Czech Republic (within Finale Plzen FF)

Workshop 3
August 11 - 17, 2018
Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina (within Sarajevo FF)


Anatomy of a Crime

In 1969, an unfathomable murder stuns a secluded village in Yugoslavia: a pregnant woman is killed and her baby cut out and taken from her. VAHIDA HODŽIĆ (27), a childless village woman who claimed ...
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The European Union has just imposed a new regulation on the number of inhabitants allowed on Atava Island (autonomous community of Spain). This mirrors a similar debacle that occurred there in the ...
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Mother's Got a Gun

TAMARA, HAJO and KONRAD, former members of the militant RAF(aka Bader-Meinhof-group), have been on the run from the German authorities for over 35 years. Lately they have been living in Slovakia as ...
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Theano is a single, 41 year old nutritionist, going through a midlife crisis in the crazy city of Athens. Theano might believe she is an adult, trying to deal with her own life and ‘save’ her ...
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Belgrade, Frankfurt, Amsterdam, Zurich - 1991. While ‘Yugo-gangs’ are raiding Western countries, loads of guns from the looming civil-wars are flooding the streets of Belgrade, finding their way ...
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Victor Jacobs, the 40 year old co-owner of the family trucking company ‘Satellite’, struggles to cope with the sudden death of his beloved wife Catherine. While trying to get his life back on tracks ...
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Head of Studies

Alan Kingsberg
United States  
Alan Kingsberg received his MFA from NYU’s Tisch School of the Arts where his film Minors won an Academy Award as the top student film in the US. His work in television includes writing an ACE Award ...
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Group Leaders

Gabor Krigler
Gabor’s career began in the writing staff of a daily serial at Grundy UFA in 1999. He became Creative Executive at the ...
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Maggie Murphy
United States  
Maggie Murphy is an independent Executive Producer. She worked 8 years for Shaftesbury U.S. and founded the company’s ...
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Director Tutor

Rumle Hammerich
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Producer Tutor

Jacqueline de Goeij
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Pitching Tutor

Michaela Sabo
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Andrea Reuter
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Guest Tutors

Giacomo Durzi
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Benjamin Harris
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Erik Jendresen
United States  
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Steve Matthews
United Kingdom  
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Anna Katharina Brehm
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Gaia Tridente
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Ed Waller
United Kingdom  
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HBO Europe Award 2018

5.000 USD handed out by the partner of the workshop, HBO Europe, to celebrate the Best TV Series Project of the MIDPOINT TV Launch 2018 program, in Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina, within the Workshop 3. 


C21 Media Award 2018

Given out by the partner of the workshop, C21 Media, the award will give a one-year subscription access to one of the MIDPOINT TV Launch 2018 participants, in Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina, within the Workshop 3. 


Art Department Masterclass 2018

Granted by the Art Department Masterclass, the award will bring one TV Launch project to the second, practical assignment workshop of the program, at which it will be developing its production design by a new generation of European art directors, under the supervision of the most significant international professionals.