MIDPOINT Training the Trainers 2014


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November 26 - December 1, 2014


An Ordinary Man

Petr is a small, inexpressive and a petty man. At least, this is what his mother told him one day as they were sitting on a blanket near the swimming pool. He was nine and it was the World War II. ...
MIDPOINT participants: Zuzana KucerovaTatana Rubasova
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The Last Watch

It’s the last night in Mountrose Guarda station for three officers. The station is being closed and they’re preparing to be disbanded around the country. But with the false arrest of a young man; ...
MIDPOINT participants: Jack NortonSam Uhlemann
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The Storm Shelter

THE STORM SHELTER (working title) is a 6 x 52 minute contemporary drama series set in the vital and drama filled world of Residential care which follows the lives of care workers and young residents. ...
MIDPOINT participants: Audrey O'Reilly
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Wolf Pact

WWII Drama, 1940s, Scottish Highlands North Sea. The officer GERHARD is aboard U-boat 1235, when an allied bomber attacks. Commanded by captain HARTMUT, they shoot down the plane but the U-boat is ...
MIDPOINT participants: Bianca HeroldAnsgar Hoeckh
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Group Leaders

Martin Daniel
United States  
Martin Daniel is a screenwriter, teacher of screenwriting and script analyst with extensive international experience. He currently teaches at the University of Southern California and at Binger Film ...
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Mary Kate O'Flanagan
Script Consultant /​Trainer in Dramaturgy, Character and Scenewriting Mary Kate O Flanagan is a screenwriter and script consultant working with writers and producers internationally. She gives ...
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