MIDPOINT Training the Trainers 2013


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October 11 - 17, 2013


A Day Off

Petra (27) and Hector (35) have been together for seven years in an open relationship, and for six years and eight months in an unstained romantic dependency. When Petra decides to have an abortion, ...
MIDPOINT participants: Gabriela SuciuAndreea Cristina Bortun
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City doctor Panos relocates to a remote village in order to offer his services to the community. It’s love at first sight when he sets eyes on Danae, who lives in isolation, with a rare condition ...
MIDPOINT participants: Minos NikolakakisMinos Nikolakakis
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Jacinto & Flying Donkeys

Jacinto (15) knows that rural and folkloric Yaritagua is the wrong and worst place to have been born in, but his passion for pop/rock band Los Caramelos keeps him going. Jacinto is forced to dive ...
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Landscape with Camel and Bear

“Landscape with Camel and Bear” is a “dramedy” about sickness, healing and about personal growth. It is the story of Lena Petraru, a young woman who needs to confront her fears and her past in order ...
MIDPOINT participants: Denisa Popa
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Group Leaders

Martin Daniel
United States  
Martin Daniel is a screenwriter, teacher of screenwriting and script analyst with extensive international experience. He currently teaches at the University of Southern California and at Binger Film ...
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Mary Kate O'Flanagan
Script Consultant /​Trainer in Dramaturgy, Character and Scenewriting Mary Kate O Flanagan is a screenwriter and script consultant working with writers and producers internationally. She gives ...
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