MIDPOINT Training the Trainers 2012


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October 15 - 17, 2012


Balkan Return

HANNAH is a devoted and successful UN lawyer. She works in New York, she will soon be getting married and on the top of all - her UN boss offers her a significant promotion. The post, however, ...
MIDPOINT participants: Blanka Cechova
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MIDPOINT participants: Veronika KuhrovaLukas Hrdy
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This Is Not a Sexy Arthouse Porn Movie

Melinda wants to take revenge for Alejandro and goes for Justin. She arrives at May’s house ready to rumble but gets knocked out before she can enter. She wakes up and finds herself strapped and ...
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The Secret of the Missing Star

A small Czech city, winter. Eight-year-old Petrik is excluded from his hockey team before the important annual ice-hockey match with a neighboring town. As the coach says, he has a lack of skills, ...
MIDPOINT participants: Petr HorakIvan Shvedoff
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Group Leaders

Martin Daniel
United States  
Martin Daniel is a screenwriter, teacher of screenwriting and script analyst with extensive international experience. He currently teaches at the University of Southern California and at Binger Film ...
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Mary Kate O'Flanagan
Script Consultant /​Trainer in Dramaturgy, Character and Scenewriting Mary Kate O Flanagan is a screenwriter and script consultant working with writers and producers internationally. She gives ...
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