MIDPOINT Training the Trainers 2011


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August 27 - September 8, 2011


Stick Insects

It’s a coming-of-age movie. Ania (14) takes care of her autistic twin brother – Tomek. Their mum works & lives for time being in Italy. They live with their old grandma in Poland. Ania manages Tomek ...
MIDPOINT participants: Dominika LapkaJolanta Jaskulska
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Philip's Dream

Europe. 1996. Most of the states institute the hardest environmental sanctions that never seen before. They unite and the Green European Community (G.E.C.) is founded. The totalitarian government ...
MIDPOINT participants: Zsuzsanna LakosBela Bagota
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The Wonderful Years

This story is about unfulfilled, fatal love, and about guilt and fatal punish. My wish is to show east Slovakian city Košice (where I come from) with all its positives and negatives too. On the other ...
MIDPOINT participants: Peter BadacJana Micenkova
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Group Leaders

Mary Kate O'Flanagan
Script Consultant /​Trainer in Dramaturgy, Character and Scenewriting Mary Kate O Flanagan is a screenwriter and script consultant working with writers and producers internationally. She gives ...
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Martin Daniel
United States  
Martin Daniel is a screenwriter, teacher of screenwriting and script analyst with extensive international experience. He currently teaches at the University of Southern California and at Binger Film ...
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