MIDPOINT Shorts 2016


December 31, 2016


After school

SHORT FILM PROJECT After a long time abroad, twenty-year-old Maky with her girlfriend Viki come home to visit Maky’s parents. The family live in a house in the country near a small town and both ...
MIDPOINT participants: Marek CermakJakub KostalMarek Cermak
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Between the edges of the day

Between the edges of the day tells the story of a girl and a boy, Mara and Geo, two young film school graduates, working at a humdrum local television in Giurgiu. They are sent on a job to a village ...
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A wealthy businessman (55) whose family just left him is emotionally devastated and on a train to the north. Somewhere along the way he's forced to share his coupe with a stranger, a fleeing refugee ...
MIDPOINT participants: Marko KumerKatja LenarcicMarko Kumer
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Eddie is a humhore but if you ever meet him don't call him that. A more accurate and politically correct expression would be „humorous escort“. He is the best in the business, he finds his customers ...
MIDPOINT participants: Ante MarinAnte MarinAnte Marin
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After 5 years living with his mom in England, 22 years old Tom is coming back home to deal with the possible inheritance in the will of his recently late, distant, father. He moves in with Sara his ...
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