MIDPOINT Shorts 2015


December 31, 2015


Atlantis, 2003

Ukrainian-Slovak border 3 years before the introduction of Slovakia to the Schengen area. Aside from the smuggling of cheap cigarettes and alcohol there are increasing numbers of human trafficking. ...
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Cops and Robbers

COPS AND ROBBERS is a historical short fiction. The story takes place in 1924, during the so called “White Terror”, in Sofia. Emil, a 17 years old student, eager to help the progress of his country ...
MIDPOINT participants: Yancho MihaylovKiril Todorov
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Go and Tell Her

Synopsis of this project is not available.
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Despite Lena´s effort to establish intimate connection with her neglecting parents and self-absorbed best friend, she is left alone for the Big Bad Wolf to catch her. In the confusing time of ...
MIDPOINT participants: Martina CeretkovaIva Sujova
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Alyona (16) comes to spend her holidays with her grandfather (83), in the house where she happily grew up. Alyona’s mother tells her to persuade her grandfather to move from the house and sell it, ...
MIDPOINT participants: Anna GerasimenkoYulia Volkova
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Turning Point

This is story about young couple living together in one world, but having opposite and different characters; like two different colourful substances, which safety can stand together one by one, but ...
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