MIDPOINT Shorts 2012


December 31, 2012



Xavery and Veronika are immersed into intensive preparation of oncoming wedding (two days to wedding). Everybody has own way of entering a new phase of life. With the oncoming day of wedding, the ...
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I Want to Resurrect Your Father

KAMELIA's(65 y.) cat Gabe has passed. Her daughter MARIE (35 y.) has brought her husband JORDAN (33 y.) and her children to the small village. At the funeral things escalate to ridiculous ...
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Mr. Moonlight

Rodin is a 50 years old man, jobless, living with his father in a small town, set in an unspecific country, in an unspecific time. It could be the '60s, as the interior design and the clothing ...
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The Conveyors

We all have our worlds. Together we have to build a new one. Conveyors are a drama about relationships. How are relationships consciously or unconsciously affected by us, our closest people or our ...
MIDPOINT participants: Alexandra MoravcikovaPetr Koubek
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The Seventh

The project of the film „Seventh” is around 30-minutes movie, that will be my diploma in Polish National Film School in Lodz (PWSFTviT). It’s an idea inspired by true story. It’s the story of a trip ...
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Week-end with Dad

Sebastian is 33 years old, he’s divorced and plays in a rock band. He just received a contract with a big record label in the United States. He must tell his seven years old son that he’ll be gone ...
MIDPOINT participants: Tudor PetremarinIoana Mischie
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