MIDPOINT Shorts 2011


December 31, 2011



On a crowded train heading to a Pilgrim site, a fake priest uses his status to ease up both hearts and wallets. Despite the fraud his warm nature and advices are well received amongst the people. ...
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Flora & Fauna

JAN (56) , a high school social science teacher is facing a late middle age crisis. His marriage falling apart, his job giving him no satisfaction he decides to buy and consume a young girl's ...
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Journey to Rome

The work of a good guard never ends although the museum closes everyday at seven p.m. Five minutes after seven Vašek- a 35- year- old guard, is sitting in a café opposite the museum thinking that a ...
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Momo is a sixteen year old boy who lives with his Mother in the largest housing project in Slovakia – Petržalka. It is known for its high criminality and low standard of living. His Father, a ...
MIDPOINT participants: Teodor KuhnJakub ViktorinTeodor Kuhn
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The Eyewitness

What if you saw something you didn't want to see? What if you even have something to deal with it? This story is about one day of Thomas, a 12 years old boy, struggling to find his place in school ...
MIDPOINT participants: Gabor DivinyiPeter Szeiler
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Tits and the Oracle

In the name of bread and game, Ida and Leo, a drifted-apart, old Russian ex-actor and magician couple cheating small villagers as fortunetellers far away from homeland. Everybody believes, until the ...
MIDPOINT participants: Rozsa RekaDominika FaberovaRozsa Reka
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Do you know what will happen when a teenager with cancer meets a crazy clowndoctor who is scared about his own mother after stroke? Do you know how black can be white nurse dresses in hospital? And ...
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