MIDPOINT Shorts 2010 


December 31, 2010



A young girl called Ina sits alone in the compartment, listening to the steady, comforting rhythm of the train. Things surrounding her provoke unwanted thoughts from deep inside, bringing her mind ...
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Lost and Found

At first glance, Adéla is a normal girl who keeps aloof from other people and spends a lot of time in her own dream world where she’s alone and safe. She’s living with her sister Hedvika and her ...
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Not Today

Today is an ordinary day. She expects it all – love, understanding, happiness. It has to be Pepsi, not Coke, fast, not so slow, the child has to be good. Why not today? Iulia is on her way back from ...
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Pinkwater is a short story of colourful revenge on grey reality. Andi is a 13-year-old girl who spends her days in monotonous training sessions of swimming and in the company of her unpleasant ...
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The Wake

STANO (19) lives with his mother (60) in a rural area of Slovakia where it’s quiet and peaceful, and everybody knows everybody. This only child of the widow is obedient to his mother who is obsessed ...
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Viet Wander House

The story takes place in winter time in the center of Warsaw, Poland. Single father TEO (26), a second-generation Vietnamese immigrant and his half Polish daughter MIA (8) are living together. The ...
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