MIDPOINT Norway 2016


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Dates and venues

Workshop 1
February 29 – March 04, 2016
Lillehammer, Norway

Workshop 2
May 02 – 06, 2016
Prague, Czech Republic


At the End of a String

BOY(13) grows up in a boarding school. He finds his only friend in an old and sick gardener, what he doesn’t know is that this man is actually the KING. The King teaches the Boy all he knows - ...
MIDPOINT participants: Veronika JelsikovaKristina Majova
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Blood and Sweat without Tears

The story is about Stine (17), a young ballerina torn between choosing her own dream of becoming a kickboxer, and her mothers dream for her to become a prima ballerina. The story centers on her ...
MIDPOINT participants: Amy Black Ndiaye
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Escape from the Thorn-Farm

DANI(8) is a mischievous, Danny Ocean esque mastermind who likes to help people in need. She lives alone with her stressed out DAD(45) and her dog LUKAS. Dani’s MOM (45) is in a coma after a car ...
MIDPOINT participants: Harald Maele Jr
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Synopsis of this project is not available.
MIDPOINT participants: Ondrej ErbanJakub KostalOndrej Erban
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In a trivial and intimate apartment in the golden city of San Francisco, live three talented, young Norwegians following their road for success, yet least capable of handling the obstacles that gets ...
MIDPOINT participants: Kaja Eline Lindsay
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Hans Jæger, a radical, gets stuck in his biggest controversy yet when his friend Fleischer shoots himself and all of Kristiania blames Jæger for his death. He decides to write a book that will expose ...
MIDPOINT participants: Kjersti Woien Haland
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Lyd is a TV-series about five teenage girls, that all wants to be seen by someone. DEB (16) feels lonely and has no friends in her new class in high school. She dreams of playing in a band, and tries ...
MIDPOINT participants: Marta Huglen Revheim
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Lost in Paradise

Evžen Žabrovský (38) neither has a family nor a secure income. Instead, he has founded his own music club in Prague, the city his father emigrated from in 1968 to escape Communism. His life seems ...
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One Body

Ema (21) and Damian (29) are deeply in love, everything seems idyllic until the appearance of Damian’s beautiful and distinguished mother Karina (59) with whom he doesn’t have purely a maternal ...
MIDPOINT participants: Katerina TraburovaLucie Palkoskova
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IVER is a 16-year-old road-cycling wünderkind, who has been starting to make a name for himself both locally, in the small Norwegian town he lives in, as well as the national stage. Journalists from ...
MIDPOINT participants: Jorgen Faeroy Flasnes
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Group Leaders

Sveinbjorn Baldvinsson
Sveinbjörn Baldvinsson has worked as a screenwriter in Denmark and the US as well as in his native Iceland. He has also ...
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Pavel Jech
Czech Republic  
Pavel Jech co-founded MIDPOINT in 2010 and has been active ever since as a group leader and speaker in its various ...
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Guest Tutors

Sasa Gedeon
Czech Republic  
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Silje Hopland Eik
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Marta Lamperova
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Nikolaj Scherfig
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