MIDPOINT Midnight Sun 2016


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Dates and venue

June 06 - 10, 2016
Reykjavík, Iceland


All in the Same Boat

Group of employees of multinational company travel to a shabby old hotel in Bohmerwald mountains to spend a weekend on the teambuilding event. This trip is destined to be very different from any ...
MIDPOINT participants: Tomas Plhon
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Arnbjörn - The elderly genealogist

Arnbjörn is a genealogist in his 90’s. He’s eccentric and has ancient manners, pedantic and hard to be around. Therefore he has been alone most of his life. He knows all there is to know about all ...
MIDPOINT participants: Eyþor Jovinsson
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Lena moves from her homeland of Poland to Iceland to work in a hotel in Reykjavik. Her family had had some financial trouble recently as a result of her fathers illness and is Lena going to earn ...
MIDPOINT participants: Vala Omarsdottir
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The Reunion

Aadil (14) a young political refugee from Syria arrives in Germany after a dramatic Germany. He was sent alone, so that he could apply for family reunion, a law that grands asylum to the families of ...
MIDPOINT participants: Tjorvi Lederer
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The Runners

In the environment of protected housing, two people meet, each from a completely different world. ADAM, a young guy close behind the border of mental disorder. He himself realizes his disability, ...
MIDPOINT participants: Jaroslava Mistova
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The War Within

John is a 24 year old American who works a desk job, disillusioned in the meaning of his life. His father committed suicide when he was young and John is the only one who has seen the suicide letter ...
MIDPOINT participants: Vilhjalmur Olafsson
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We Used to Live in a Tree

At a party in an art gallery in the center of Prague, PETER (38) introduces his wife MARION (35) to his longtime Australian friend ELENA (29). During their nighttime ride home, Marion teases Peter, ...
MIDPOINT participants: Jakub Jirasek
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Where Is My Home

Zdenek, a Roma boy, is bursting with energy. He loves items of agricultural machinery. He ties them up in various ways, he puts logs under their wheels and then he observes what will happen once he ...
MIDPOINT participants: Tomas Klein
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Group Leaders

Pavel Jech
Czech Republic  
Pavel Jech co-founded MIDPOINT in 2010 and has been active ever since as a group leader and speaker in its various programs. He also has worked as a trainer at development labs such as Sundance ...
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Guest Tutors

Hrafnkell Stefansson
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Baldvin Zophoniaasson
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