MIDPOINT Intensive UNATC 2014


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December 3 - 5, 2014



Mr.Gheorghiu (68) and Mike (12) are partners in crime. Mr. Gheorghiu, a retired police officer, has the habit of spying on his neighbors. Right now he is following the moves of the young gay man who ...
MIDPOINT participants: Dragos-Mihai HanciuDiana Plopeanu
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An Intervention

A married couple and their 7 years old girl return from a ski trip. The parents are quite tense and it's not the first time when Miruna hears them fighting. In her sweet innocence, she tries to bring ...
MIDPOINT participants: Ana-Maria ComanescuSimona Sava
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Juliette and Men

Our story about a young woman who finds it hard to make choices and sometimes behaves destructively but really tries to do everything right is a very common problem for young adults and therefore I ...
MIDPOINT participants: Masha BerkersDoris Danila
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The Chasm

A hunting party of six is trailing a bear through the forest. Four of them chase the bear as to corner it while two other hunters, Edi and Alin, are staking it out in a nearby hiding place. They are ...
MIDPOINT participants: Alexandru MironescuAndrei Timofte
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Group Leader

Csaba Bollok
Graduated as film and television director at the Hungarian Academy of Film and Drama in 1994, studied filmmaking in the United States, made shorts at the legendary Béla Balázs Stúdió in the 1990’s. ...
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