MIDPOINT Intensive UNATC 2013


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December 2 - 5, 2013



On a heavy rain, a car starts and goes right into a street pole. It seems to be a deliberate act. Earlier that same cloudy day, STEFAN (22) is on the street, waiting for his girlfriend, MARA (22) to ...
MIDPOINT participants: Diana PlopeanuSorin AnaIoana Moraru
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In the middle of the Romanian fields, Remus` mundane commuter life revolves around his job as a railway worker in a remote station. His rather eventless routine is all of a sudden broken when a ...
MIDPOINT participants: Mihai Ghita
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The Harvest

Apple trees are blooming remarkably this spring. Talks about bumper harvest are spreading among the townsfolk. No one wants to miss a rare opportunity to supplement one's income with a few additional ...
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The Trial

Four teenagers and a child were left home alone by their parents to celebrate New Year. They want to do something but they don’t succeed to agree. Each of them wants to do something else. Suddenly, ...
MIDPOINT participants: Mirona RaduCristina Iordan
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Us And Our Dads

“Us and our dads” is a family drama addressed to those in search of an emotional connection with their parents. Camelia wants to get closer to her father before she starts her own family. The girl is ...
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Group Leader

Csaba Bollok
Graduated as film and television director at the Hungarian Academy of Film and Drama in 1994, studied filmmaking in the United States, made shorts at the legendary Béla Balázs Stúdió in the 1990’s. ...
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