MIDPOINT Intensive Queer 2023


A brand new professional script-development program created to encourage diversity of topics and support filmmakers in queer storytelling. The four-day program is intended for international creative teams (writers, directors and producers) who are developing their feature fiction film projects with queer focus. 

Organizational information

The program accepts 4 feature film projects in development, which work closely in one group. The core of the program is the intensive script analysis in group works and individual consultations. After the workshop, tailor-made online consultations with the group leader will follow according to the need of each project. The workshop is conducted in English language.


Who is it for?

  • teams of writer, director and producer (max. 3 participants per team)
  • projects with LGBTQ+ character(s) and/or themes central to the story


Intensive 4-day journey


Huge motivation boost and way to move your project to the next level



Despite his family's efforts to repress his artistic tendencies, a charismatic young boy grows up to become Miro Kirov, Bulgaria's most popular popstar. In the last years of socialist Bulgaria, he ...
MIDPOINT participants: Drago BagoKosta Karakashyan
Project detail


QING (25) moved from China to Germany because of his obsession with German DJ JONAS (35), to enter a university he needs to pass his German exam, but this doesn’t seem to happen as he spends most of ...
MIDPOINT participants: Popo Fan Julia Collen
Project detail


Kieran is a thirty-six-year-old British lorry driver and he loves it. He loves the freedom. He loves the solitude. But most of all, he loves the sex. He’s constantly cruising in service stations, ...
Project detail

We Come From Here

As the war breaks out in February 2022, Mykola, a Ukrainian-born Canadian, travels back to Ukraine to convince his ailing grandmother, Vera, to leave before it might be too late. When he ...
MIDPOINT participants: Taras LesiukAnnick Sheedy McLellan
Project detail



Group Leader

Lucia Kajankova
Czech Republic  
Lucia Kajánková (*1987 in Slovakia) is a screenwriter, director and script consultant, as well as festival programmer and lecturer based in Prague, Czech Republic. She studied philosophy and film ...
Complete bio

Fee and how to apply


500 EUR
/ per participant. The fee includes accommodation, board, and tuition during the workshop. Travel costs are NOT included.

Aplication deadline


Application requirements

To apply for the program, please create an account on the MIDPOINT Visitor Page and follow the instructions within the submission form, where you can also find detailed information about application materials. 
The application materials consist of:

  • Basic information about the participants and the project
  • Synopsis (max. 1000 characters)
  • Treatment
    (approx. 10 pages, in PDF format) Please do NOT upload scripts (even if you already have one) - they will not be considered at this stage of the selection.
  • Selected scene (max. 5 pages)
  • Author´s Statement (max. 1 page)
  • Producer´s Statement (max. 1 page)
  • Motivation video (max. 4 minutes)
  • Moodboard (optional)


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