MIDPOINT Intensive Montenegro 2023

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MIDPOINT Intensive Montenegro is a professional training program opened to film professionals from Montenegro who are developing their feature fiction film projects. The four-day program is intended for creative teams of filmmakers (scriptwriter, director, and producer).


Intensive 4-day journey

During the workshop, the teams will work on the creative development of the script as well as on the production aspects of their projects. The workshop consists of group work within a small group of participants accompanied by lectures.

The workshop is realized with the support of the Film Centre of Montenegro.



High school students are faced with challenging situation of confronting a moral dilemma about greed and moral transgressions: one of their classmates stole money collected for a schoolmate`s prom ...
MIDPOINT participants: Milorad RadenovicNikola Vukcevic
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After finding out that her daughter Jaglika (17) died in a car accident, Marijana (41) is unsuccessfully trying to find a way to cope with that, which causes her to gradually get further away from ...
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Marko (26), an unemployed artist lives with Ana (23). They are facing chronic pennilessness. Their life is shaken when Goran (32), Marko's brother, comes back suddenly from Germany.The meeting opens ...
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In the capital of Montenegro, Magda and Selim, a Berlin couple on an unexpected layover, mingle with Saša, who has become their impromptu guide for the night. As they indulge in a spontaneous ...
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Group Leader

Christian Routh
United Kingdom  
Christian is a storyanalyst and film consultant based in Catalonia, Spain. From there he works for various filmmakers, state institutions, and training programs. For the past 15 years he has been ...
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Producer Tutor

Pavla Janouskova Kubeckova
Czech Republic  
Pavla Janoušková Kubečková studied journalism and media studies at Charles University as well as Film Production at FAMU. She has worked as an independent producer for more than a decade. She mostly ...
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