MIDPOINT Intensive Montenegro 2019


MIDPOINT Intensive Montenegro is a professional training program open to Montenegrin creative teams of filmmakers (scriptwriter, director, and producer). The four-day program is intended for film professionals from Montenegro who are developing their feature fiction film projects. 

Organizational information

During the workshop, the teams will work on the creative development of the script as well as on the production aspects of their projects. After the workshop, tailor-made online consultations with their group leader will follow, according to the need of each project.

The workshop consists of group work within a small group of participants accompanied by lectures.

The workshop is realized with the support of the Film Centre of Montenegro.

Dates and venues

October 12 - 15, 2019
Podgorica, Montenegro

Who is it for?

  • teams of writer and producer with possible participation of director (max. 3 participants per team) from Montenegro
  • open to all projects from Montenegro with an emphasis on first and second features, but not only for them

I'm grateful for the opportunity to be a part of this workshop. I'm sure this was a great starting point for the development of our future film.

Gojko Berkuljan
Director, Intensive Montenegro 2019 Alumnus



After a minor traffic accident, GRIGORIJE ZIDAR, a cynical and mercurial trucker, arrives in a nearby town that happens to be Nehaj-a place where he saved a group of civilians from a massacre during ...
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A solar eclipse was announced today. Father of Hannah, a shy teenage girl, dies. Although he has been ill for months, Hana and Mother have a hard time receiving his death. There is a problem with ...
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Planet 7693

Luka lives with his family in a very interesting neighborhood in the suburbs. The family is quite harmonious and pleasant. During a turbulent period, when the mother suffers a miscarriage in the ...
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The Face of Honour

During the WWII, boy is chased by a Muslim paramilitary fascist unit, which had just killed his parents and burned down his house. Running for his life, a boy finds a temporary hiding place in a ...
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Group Leader

David Pope
United Kingdom  
David is a script consultant and screenwriter working internationally. He has worked as script consultant on projects around the globe including work with Acad-emy Award and BAFTA nominated ...
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Producer Tutor

Danijel Hocevar
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