MIDPOINT Intensive @KVIFF 2017


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Dates and Venue

July 4 - 8, 2017
Karlovy Vary, Czech Republic
(within Karlovy Vary IFF)


From Space With Love

Bulgaria, 1990. ANGELINA (14) is smart, beautiful and has the unusual ability to heal people with her energy. She practises this esoteric activity at home, secretly from her father, ANTON (37), but ...
MIDPOINT participants: Gergana StankovaYassen Genadiev
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RADOVAN (42), a Serbian farmer turned smuggler, picks up a group of migrants crossing border. Among them is a young woman BOUSHRA (25) holding her sick daughter AYA (6). Radovan's boss orders him to ...
MIDPOINT participants: Mirko BojovicVuk Rsumovic
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National Street

Vandam lives in the suburbs of Prague, a manual worker painting roofs. He likes to get into fights, he calls it “teaching people a lesson”. Vandam is trying to impress Lucka, landlady at the local ...
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Pamfir earns his living by digging wells in villages of the border area between Ukraine and Romania. His wife Helena works in the local veneer factory, their son Nazar, 12 years old, goes to school. ...
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The Candlemaker

The Candlemaker recounts the story of a woman who starts suspecting her husband of hurting her when she’s asleep, or when she “loses time”, various periods of amnesia when she can’t remember ...
MIDPOINT participants: Svetozar RistovskiSvetozar Ristovski
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The Fisherman's Daughter

In a tiny Azerbaijani fishing village little Sara's father disappears at sea. She refuses to bury him while there is no proof of his death. One tragedy after another befalls the village, and the ...
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Group Leaders

Erik Jendresen
United States  
As co-creator, lead writer, and supervising producer of the miniseries Band of Brothers for HBO in 2001, Erik Jendresen was one of the recipients of that year's Golden Globe and Emmy Award for ...
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Naomi Foner
United States  
Naomi Foner has spent her career as a screenwriter exploring the exquisite complications of family. She was nominated for an Academy Award for Best Original Screenplay and received the PEN West and ...
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