MIDPOINT Dramaturgy In The Editing Room 2013


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December 8 - 13, 2013



This is a film about a young man who faces responsibility for the first time. He tries to change his old habits. Doing so, he excommunicates himself from his past life moving to his grandfather. They ...
MIDPOINT participants: Tin Zanic
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Thumbs Up

Gregory (25) wanted to hitchhike from Poland to Portugal alone, just to prove himself something. Instead, he got into travelling with his friend's cousin, a young girl named Paula (18). He was ...
MIDPOINT participants: Stefan Lazarski
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What We Did Before We Drank Cocoa Together

A film about friendship and the value of investing energy into it - because it is worth it. The friendship of the heroines is at risk because of a false accusation. How can you defend yourself when ...
MIDPOINT participants: Vladimir Micuch
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Zagreb, Honolulu

This film is about Sandra, an extremely sensitive woman who lives in her own world. A quirky world that sometimes plays tricks on her and doesn’t let her discern reality from her imagination. She ...
MIDPOINT participants: Hana Jusic
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