Now reading: TV Launch Season Finale at Industry@Tallinn & Baltic Event


TV Launch Season Finale at Industry@Tallinn & Baltic Event

After six months of intensive and hard work on their series projects, the TV Launch 2020 generation is here to be shine on!

November 24, 2020 programs

In collaboration with our dear partner Industry@Tallinn & Baltic Event, we are happy to invite you to the final step in the TV Launch 2020 journey – the Season Finale pitching, which will take place online on Thursday, November 26 at 10.30 a.m. CET.

Tutor Marike Muselaers talks about the training preceding the final pitch:
“MIDPOINT TV Launch works as a creative incubator/accelerator for talented TV producers and writers from Central and Eastern Europe, the Balkans, the Baltic countries and the wider Mediterranean area. Nine carefully selected ideas and teams have been nurtured, trained and coached to turn these ideas into pitch-ready TV series. What I love about MIDPOINT is the focus on all aspects of the TV value chain: participants do not just deliver their pilot-episode scripts, character descriptions, episode synopses and season outlines, but they also develop a proper ready-to-market package after being coached in the production, financing, pitching, distribution, sales and marketing of their projects.”

You can also follow our projects at Industry@Tallinn & Baltic Event. 

HBO Europe Award
5.000 USD will be handed out by the partner of the workshop, HBO Europe, to celebrate the Best Series Project of the MIDPOINT TV Launch 2020 program within the Industry@Tallinn & Baltic Event Awards Ceremony on November 26.

See you on Thursday!

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Novica Babic a dreamer and a charming manipulator organizes a fake contest for the admission of candidates to the regional center of Interpol in small Serbian town Smederevo. At no time is he able ...
MIDPOINT participants: Uros Tomic, Uros Tomic, Gvozden Djuric
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After her husband – an astronaut of a successful Soviet space mission in 1986 goes missing, Maria – a young nurse, embarks on a journey to find him by any means necessary. All tracks lead to a ...
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The Red Princess

Austria, the end of the 19th century. The eccentric young Habsburg Archduchess Erzsi is a fixture of the most influential salons of Vienna’s rich cultural life. But when the "Mayerling incident” ...
MIDPOINT participants: Milos Lochman, Barbora Namerova
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Hotel Intercontinental

Welcome to the Hotel Intercontinental! We’re in 1970, Budapest, and nothing is what it seems. The hotel serves as a home for spies, counter-espionage, celebrities and small-time crooks. We see all ...
MIDPOINT participants: Laszlo Dreissiger, Andras Voros, Peter Akar
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Hugo & Co.

Welcome to a forgotten corner of Bohemia. Poverty is rife and local inhabitants often struggle with debt and property seizures. Enter Hugo & Co, a law firm intent on championing those robbed or ...
MIDPOINT participants: Gordon Lovitt, Tomas Plhon
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Black Square

5 Days of Life of Kazimir Malevich, a renowned Ukrainian artist, who fights the Soviet regime for the right to create art freely. Malevich presents his most provocative painting, The Black Square, ...
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AFTERPARTY is a contemporary drama series that explores the world of Lucija and her best friends, Ruža, Maja and Iva, as they navigate through their late twenties while the political aspirations of ...
MIDPOINT participants: Maja Pek-Bruenjes, Dora Sustic
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The Neighbours

Two neighbors and former bosom friends, became enemies, as have been trying to divide a common piece of land at the bordering area between Ukraine and Hungary.Their feud reaches its climax, as only ...
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On the NOSTOS, a patchwork starship carrying what’s left of the European-Union to a new home across the galaxy, everyone seems destined for a rootless life of blue-collar-labour until a jaded ...
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