Now reading: TV Launch 2021 introduces selected projects and participants


TV Launch 2021 introduces selected projects and participants

Meet the creators of 9 series projects together with 3 development executive participants, who were selected for the 2021 edition of our TV Launch program.

April 08, 2021 programs

'C' FOR CANCEL (Lithuania)
Lina Luzyte / writer
Dagne Vildziunaite / writer, producer

(S)mothering (Lithuania)
Aiste Ptakauske / writer
Margarita Veberaite / producer

Amrita (Hungary)
Kristina Jilly / writer
Zita Kisgergely / producer

Elephant (Hungary)
David Csicskar / writer
Balazs Zachar / producer

Killswitch (Slovakia)
Anastasia Hoppanova / writer, director
Lukas Teren / director, producer

Offside (Slovenia)
Jus Premrov / writer 
Nejc Pohar / writer, director              
Andraz Jeric / producer       

SABRE (Serbia)
Goran Stankovic / writer, director
Vladimir Tagic / writer, director
Snezana van Houwelingen / producer

The Last Baroness (Slovakia)
Diana Kacarova / writer      
Katarina Krnacova / producer

The Marcelots (Romania)
Ema Stere / writer
Adrian Sitaru / director
Carla Fotea / producer
Ada Solomon / producer

Development Executive participants:

Marijana Martelock (Croatia)
Lenka Szanto (Czech Republic)
Olga Zhurzhenko (Ukraine)

Writers, directors and producers are about to experience the intensive development process as well as to meet the international market and decision makers. Three development executive participants will accompany the selected projects on their seven-month journey while enhancing their skills.

Due to the current situation, the first workshop (out of three in total) will take place online (May 3 -May 14, 2021).

The program will start with the preparatory kickoff session for development executive (DE) participants (April 26 - 27, 2021) and afterwards, the DE participants will meet all together with the creative teams for a two-week-long online workshop.  

Congratulations to all selected projects and participants!

Welcome aboard! 

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Indian-Hungarian painter Amrita Sher-Gil (India’s Frida Kahlo) arrives in Paris in 1929 to attend art college and discovers her secret power: no one can resist her magnetic charm. Against the ...
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The Last Baroness

Young, free-spirited Babu seeks freedom and independence from her constricted life as a baroness. While the monarchy is collapsing, totalitarian Communists try to wipe off the aristocracy from the ...
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Anna dedicates her life for her perfect family. She keeps everything under control and in return she provides a convenient life for her husband and their three kids. However Anna is a functioning ...
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Sasha, a young football betting kingpin, runs an impressive illegal gambling and match-fixing empire. But his Hamburg-based operation is growing too big to handle and he finds himself assailed from ...
MIDPOINT participants: Nejc Pohar, Andraz Jeric, Nejc Pohar, Jus Premrov
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Cancelled for defence of a suicidal woman, Elena looses her TV career which equaled her life. She fights to get it back but angry mobs ignore her arguments and only need a scapegoat to vent out ...
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The Marcelots

When her mom kills herself and she finds out she might have a twin sister, Eva (32) becomes the unassuming guru of a community made up of her newly discovered brothers and sisters. Caught in between ...
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The plans of four flatmates from Lithuania, Poland, and Romania to build better futures for themselves in Glasgow turn into a hot mess when one of their mothers unexpectedly shows up on their ...
MIDPOINT participants: Margarita Veberaite, Aiste Ptakauske
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Lea is a cyber security expert on her way to a sabbatical. Nina is a rising star of investigative journalism with a grudge against her colleague Peter. When Peter is found dead and Lea’s only friend ...
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SABRE is based on real events that happened in Serbia in 2003, when the Serbian Prime Minister, Zoran Djindjic, was assassinated in front of the government building in broad daylight. While in the ...
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