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MIDPOINT Intensive CZ projects selection

MIDPOINT Institute announces four Czech feature-length projects in development selected for the Intensive CZ workshop.

November 11, 2021 programs

The four-day script development workshop will take place online between November 13-16, 2021, and will be led by renowned script consultants Gyula Gazdag and Franz Rodenkirchen.
The workshop also welcomes on board writer and director Teona Strugar Mitevska, who will act as a guest tutor and hold a lecture about scriptwriting and as well consult projects within individual consultations.

Selected projects and participants:

Human Instinct
Robin Lipo, writer/director
Irena Koci, script consultant
Jan Zboril, producer

Nina Morgenstein, writer
Petr Kratochvil, producer

Petra´s Film
Pavel Ruzyak, writer / director
Saimir Bajo, producer

Side by Side
Kilian Vratnik, writer / director
Natalie Golovchenko, script consultant
Noemi Krausova, producer

Participants will also get a chance to attend follow-up consultations according
to the needs of the project after finishing the program. 

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A 90-minute film depicting the critical 24 hours in the life of the Slovak figure skater Ondrej Nepela; intense and intimate personal drama of a young man, who, after years of dutiful representation ...
MIDPOINT participants: Petr Kratochvil , Nina Morgenstein
Project detail

Petra's film

Petra is a 14-year-old girl who has recently changed her school, as her mother Lucy wanted her to have a better future. Petra soon falls in love with a schoolmate boy Karel. Her world collapses when ...
MIDPOINT participants: Saimir Bajo, Pavel Ruzyak, Pavel Ruzyak
Project detail

Human Instinct

Two young people meet while hitchhiking. XAVERY (26) feels lost and is looking for his place in the world. Anxious and depressed, he is thinking about suicide. REBEKA (23) is an environmental ...
MIDPOINT participants: Jan Zboril, Irena Koci, Robin Lipo, Robin Lipo
Project detail

Side by Side

Four young millennials living their dynamic urban lives find themselves in a strangely magical forest without any technologies. Unbalanced Sebastian, his success-driven girlfriend Andrea, ...
Project detail

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