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MIDPOINT Feature Launch 2018 Project Selection Announced

We are very pleased to announce the 9 new feature film projects that have been selected for Feature Launch 2018.

December 04, 2017 programs

For the first time, the participants who consist of teams of writers, directors and producers, will experience a year-long workshop platform, which takes off in January in Trieste and runs till January 2019. Feature Launch has partnered with Trieste Film Festival and Eastweek, Film Center Serbia, Karlovy Vary International Film Festival and When East Meets West, to make this possible, and the result is the leading training platform in Central and Eastern Europe.

Project Selection

9 projects have been selected from the countries of Azerbaijan, Czech Republic, Montenegro, Poland, Romania, Greece, Hungary, Serbia and Ukraine. Representatives from the new partner organisations took part in the project selection, which secures an in-depth knowledge of each project's needs from the very beginning. The projects and participants are:

Balaur – writer/director Octav Chelaru, producer Ioana Lascar (Romania)

Brazil – writer/director Thelyia Petraki, producer Kostas Tagalakis (Greece)

Clouds On Leashes – writer/director Gunel Eva, producer Maria Ibrahimova (Azerbaijan)

Homeward – writer Marysia Nikitiuk, writer/director Nariman Aliev, producer Vladimir Yatsenko (Ukraine)

Leave No Traces – writer/director Jan P. Matuszynski, producer Leszek Bodzak (Poland)

Sex, Wire, Rock'n'Roll – writer/director Gabor Fabricius, producer Viki Reka Kiss (Hungary)

The Last Balkan Film About the War – writer/director Lee Filipovski, producer Adi Dizdarevic (Serbia)

The Ugly Mandarine – writer/director Piaoyu Xie, producer Veronika Kuhrova (Czech Republic)

Sirin – writer Claudia Bottino, director Senad Sahmanovic, producer Velisa Popovic (Montenegro)

The project 'Leave No Traces' by Jan P. Matuszynski received the MIDPOINT Scholarship Award at Connecting Cottbus which secures access to Feature Launch 2018.
Schedule for Feature Launch 2018

/ Feature Launch Workshop 1: January 20 - 26 – Trieste, Italy (during Trieste Film Festival and EASTWEEK)
/ Feature Launch Workshop 2: April 27 - May 3 – Serbia (with Film Center Serbia)
/ Project Showcase with Industry experts: July – Karlovy Vary, Czech Republic (during Karlovy Vary IFF)
/ Feature Launch Spotlight: January 2019 – Trieste, Italy (during When East Meets West)

MIDPOINT Feature Launch is realized in collaboration with Ministry of Culture Czech Republic, Czech Film Fund, Karlovy Vary International Film Festival, Trieste Film Festival, When East Meets West, Film Center Serbia, COCO – Connecting Cottbus and CineMart.

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Leave No Traces

Leave no traces is set in 1983 in Warsaw. It tells the true story of Jurek, a 24-year old young man who witnesses the fatal beating of his friend, Grzegorz by the communist police. Since Jurek is ...
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After 20 years in France, where she has done everything to build a new identity and erase her origins, NATHALIE comes back to Montenegro in her professional outfit, in order to help her boss VALÉRIE ...
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Crimean Tatar Mustafa (51 y.o.) and his younger son Alim (17 y.o.) is coming to Kiev to take the body of died Nazim (27 y.o.) — Mustafa’s elder son. Father is willing to bury him at his native ...
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Clouds On Leashes

Set in modern day Azerbaijan, Grace and her mother Sara start the forty-day mourning period, a tradition required for Muslim widows. Nine-year-old Grace is rendered mute by the trauma of losing her ...
MIDPOINT participants: Gunel Eva, Maria Ibrahimova, Gunel Eva
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The Myth of a Real Man

As Vasiliye and Katarina Ostrogorsky wait for the response from the Canadian embassy on the status of their visa, their country comes under attack during the 1999. bombing of Yugoslavia. Their ...
MIDPOINT participants: Lee Filipovski, Adi Dizdarevic, Lee Filipovski
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Mrs. Ivanovici (35), mother of three, lives in a small, traditional Romanian town. She has a monotonous marriage with an older priest and teaches religious studies at high school. One day, Mrs. ...
MIDPOINT participants: Octav Chelaru, Livia Radulescu, Octav Chelaru
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Christos, a headstrong rationalist – is diagnosed with ALS. The disease is always fatal for all patients. Desperate, he decides to travel to Brazil and look for the renowned healer João de Deus. ...
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Erasing Frank

1983. Frank, a kid from the streets of Budapest represents a sensitive, talented, but angry generation - youth with ”no future” in a dystopian world. With his punk band he realizes that the state ...
MIDPOINT participants: Gabor Fabricius, Miklos Havas, Gabor Fabricius
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The Ugly Mandarine

Yiou is a young woman from China studying music in Prague. Her graduation concert is coming, which means her student visa will end with that. Yiou realizes she got into the situation which is much ...
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