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MIDPOINT discussion panel at FAMUFEST

Within a special edition of FAMU's student festival FAMUFEST in Prague, which is symbolically opening 30 years after the velvet revolution in November 1989, MIDPOINT is happy to co-organize a discussion panel focusing on short films. 

November 26, 2019

The visitors of the five-day-long festival FAMUFEST Meets the World will be granted the opportunity to attend the screenings of films by the alumni from the partner universities, lectures by the university teachers and panel discussions regarding the current film and television industry problems and phenomena. The industry partners of this part of the program are MIDPOINT and Cinergy Prague.

Panel discussion (co-organized by MIDPOINT): 
SHORT and What's next?

The panel discussion oriented towards different phases of the short film development and its position on the audiovisual market in general. From the script development possibilities, production strategy preparation and financing to different ways of distribution (festivals, VOD platforms) and the strategies of approaching and engaging the audience.
Is the short film production nowadays profitable and what role does or should in the whole process of development and production play the institution of a film school?

The panelists:
Jan Těsitel, the director of many short films, TV shows, advertising spots and videos, MIDPOINT alumnus
Julie Zackova, the founder of Girls in Film Praha and producer, MIDPOINT alumna
Milan Simanek, the director of the international short film festival B16 and the head of the Art Cinema in Brno
Diana Cam Van Nguyen, the director of animated short films

The presenter of the panel: Valerio Mendoza, FAMU International teacher

When and Where:
November 28 / 15.00 / Studio FAMU / Klimentská 1205/4 / Prague / Czech Republic

If you are in Prague, join us for the panel,
no accreditations needed! 

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