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MIDPOINT Cold Open: Your entry to series industry

“The program is a great opportunity to get some very fresh and inspiring insights into the field of European TV series production!” producer Claudia Schroter, MIDPOINT Cold Open 2020 alumna

October 20, 2020

MIDPOINT Cold Open targets independent producers, with a background in feature film producing, aspiring to shift to high-end series content.

Offering practical knowledge connected to the developing, producing and financing of drama series content in Europe, the program will familiarize its participants with the current landscape, industry preferences and will compare the narrative and concept structures of feature films and scripted series as well as supply hands-on skills of financing and distributing of drama content.

This one-off event is set up online within the diverse industry program of When East Meets West (January 2021).

A When East Meets West accreditation is included within the participation fee.

Deadline for applications: November 30, 2020
(The program is participant-based, only one producer per company is accepted.)

Fee: 150 EUR


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