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MIDPOINT Cold Open welcomes ten selected producers!

The fourth edition of the program targeting independent feature film producers shifting to high-end series content is thrilled to welcome participants of the 2023 edition!

January 12, 2023

Following producers have been selected to participate in 
MIDPOINT Cold Open 2023:

Vincenzo Filippo, Lupin Film | Italy

Kaja Jalocha, Shipsboy | Poland

Lasha Khalvashi, Artizm | Georgia

Olha Matat, Evos Film | Ukraine

Silvie Michajlova, Film Kolektiv | Czech Republic

Lija Pogacnik, December| Slovenia

Vanya Rainova, Portokal | Bulgaria

Alex Teodorescu, Saga Film | Romania

Marco Velez Esquivia, LYNCH anima | Colombia

Jakob Zapf, Neopol Film | Germany


Cold Open will be organized in partnership with the When East Meets West co-production forum and as one of its Inspirational Labs from January 22 to January 25.

Tutors Dana Stern (Global Content Executive) and Steve Matthews together with guest tutor Nebojsa Taraba will familiarize the participants with the overall landscape and priorities of the industry and provide hands-on skills in the financing and distribution of scripted series content.

The program will also offer to accredited industry guests of the When East Meets West lecture by Danna Stern:

January 22, 2023, 18.00-19.30 CET
In this overview, we will explore the current opportunities and challenges facing local language scripted series - as the production landscape, fuelled by global streamers, is in constant flux; affecting genres, budgets, deal-making, and creative decisions.

We will also, hopefully, provide you with some practical tips and tools, as well as work through key terms and detail the stages and partners necessary for successfully integrating into the international TV production community


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