Now reading: Meet the INTENSIVE SK participants and selected projects!


Meet the INTENSIVE SK participants and selected projects!

After two years of online workshops, MIDPOINT Intensive SK is back with a 3-days residential workshop. We´re thrilled to announce 4 Slovak promising projects and creative teams. All of the participants will meet together with tutor Ivo Trajkov, in Bratislava, on June 27-29.

In this intensive 3 days journey, they will get the chance to discuss and elaborate their projects based on consultations with tutor and feedbacks from other participants. 

Participants will also get the opportunity to attend the lectures of the MIDPOINT Series Launch, which will take place in Bratislava, in parallel time.

June 09, 2022 programs

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House In the Middle

Three different camps intertwined by one event. Three survival attempts, but none successful. It’s the last few days of 1944, and in the middle of the Yugoslav mountains, seven-year-old deaf Samuel ...
MIDPOINT participants: Livia Filusova, Dominik Gyorgy
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In an effort to illegally cross the strictly guarded state border the three heroes find out that sometimes it is much harder to cross the boundaries we have built deep within. Western about men ...
MIDPOINT participants: Vanessa Biermannova, Michal Balaz
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When some Roma boys set fire to a historical castle, a paramilitary organization - The Wolves - moves into the village, offering to solve the Roma issue. A teenage son of a corrupt mayor, who has ...
MIDPOINT participants: Miroslav Gerbel, Teodor Kuhn
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Mikey’s Perfect World

Miško (Mikey) is a 12-year-old altar boy from Smižany, a small village in East Slovakia. He lives his care-free life until one day a misunderstanding happens and the whole village starts to think he ...
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