Now reading: Interview: Angeliki Vergou, Feature Launch script consultant trainee


Interview: Angeliki Vergou, Feature Launch script consultant trainee

Interview with Angeliki Vergou, Head of the Crossroads Co-production Forum of the Thessaloniki IFF, about being a script consultant trainee at MIDPOINT Feature Launch program in 2020

September 02, 2020

MIDPOINT Feature Launch offers not only the project development of feature-length projects, but it also focuses on the education of aspiring script consultants – its mission being to raise a new generation of script editors in Europe.

The offered script consultancy training is incorporated into the regular project development program of Feature Launch.

In case you are thinking about applying and would like to know a little bit more about the training, read an interview with Angeliki Vergou, this year's Feature Launch alumna.  

Q: How would you describe your experience with us?

AV: I would describe my experience as aspiring, enlightening, intense, communal and of high quality. From the first workshop in Trieste until the last one, my experience with MIDPOINT   Institute has been nothing but easy in the communication, precise in its goals, exact in its delivery and also fun along the way. I have enjoyed the selection of all scripts for Feature Launch 2020 and was very happy to work with my group and tutor. I felt a sense of accomplishment when the participants pitched their projects during Eastern Promises of KVIFF, because of the developments they had made within their project / script but also in what they wanted to communicate with their project. I was happy to be part of their journey.

Q: Can you say now what particular skills you personally gained at Feature Launch?

AV: What I mostly learned was to trust my instincts and be able to vocalize and communicate them accordingly in order to be helpful. How to ask questions so that the scriptwriter can find the answers to his own dilemmas. How to listen and observe the writer to understand their needs and what they are looking for from our collaboration.

Q: Could you name what was the most valuable in the training?  

AV: It was extremely valuable the one day and half that the Script Consultant Trainees have with the team of MIDPOINT Institute, the tutors and experienced script consultants such as Franz Rodenkirchen and Gyula Gazdag and the task that they had to complete. This experience set the tone for all workshops to follow and immediately threw us into the deep. Another valuable task was the debrief we had to make after each workshop as well as the communication with Katarina Tomkova about the catalogue materials, because it was a chance to summarize the developments and understand if they are communicated properly for an audience which knows nothing about the project, may it be an industry audience at that stage. Most of all, the actual participation inside the working group. I believe being part of the group meetings as well as the individual meetings is the yeast to the bread as we say in Greek. It is where the magic happens.

Q: To whom would you recommend to apply to this program?

AV: I would recommend this program to my colleagues in the film industry who surround themselves with scripts and would like to go deeper in their analysis and understanding of the scriptwriting procedure as well to anyone who would like to become a script consultant as the workshop provides you with invaluable experience and gives the appropriate push to continue on your own. 

The application is accessible here and the required materials for the application are:
/ applicant's statement of purpose
/ scene analysis
/ short professional biography
/ photo

The deadline for submissions is set for September 9, 2020.

We are looking forward to meet the new generation of MIDPOINT Feature Launch script consultants! 

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