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Intensive SK: project selection is here!

Four feature-length projects have been selected to participate in the eight edition of MIDPOINT Intensive SK program which runs through September 23 – 25, 2019.

September 12, 2019 programs

The selected projects of 2019 edition are: 

Mother of Darkness / Matka noci
Peter Czikrai, director
Peter Balko, writer
Michal Kollar, producer
Slovakia / Czech Republic / Latvia

Ungraspable Smell of Pancakes / Odťažitá vôňa palaciniek
Juraj Slauka, writer
Ivo Miko, producer
lucky film s.r.o.

The Spacehead / Hlavička
Marina Andree Skop, director / producer
Juraj Rayman, writer
Slovakia / Croatia / Czech Republic
objectif s.r.o 

The Luckiest Generation / Najštastnejšia generácia
Marek Grajciar, writer
Zdenek Viktora, producer
Czech Republic / Slovakia / Germany

Guest projects:

Crunk / Rauš
Igor Vodraska, writer

Cloudy Water / Z vody
Martina Sluková, writer
Barbara Janisova Feglova, producer
HITCHHIKER Cinema, s.r.o.

Three-day intensive program, which will take place in Slovakia´s capital Bratislava, is mainly orientated on the script development of projects, yet focusing on the creative collaboration between writers, directors and producers within the team.
Group leader of this year´s edition is writer, director and editor Ivo Trajkov, who regularly joins MIDPOINT Feature Launch program. 
Considering the regional disposition, this workshop is conducted in the Slovak language.

We are traveling to Bratislava for the MIDPOINT Intensive workshop (September 23 – 25), to set up a meeting, reach to: 

Barbora Struss, MIDPOINT Director 
Tereza Pospisilova, MIDPOINT Intensive program coordinator 

MIDPOINT Intensive SK supported by the Slovak Audiovisual Fund and runs in partnership with the CHARACTER – Film Development Association and the Slovak Film Institute. MIDPOINT operates under the auspices of the Academy of Performing Arts in Prague.

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The Spacehead

Alice (10) and her family move to a village house in order to protect her older brother who is autistic. She calls him Spacehead, because of a helmet, which he wears for his own safety. To avoid ...
Project detail


Crunk is a story of a young university dropout from a small town, who beats up the wrong Neonazi in an injudicious attempt to revenge the rape of a girl he had a crush on. He flees the town and sets ...
MIDPOINT participants: Igor Vodraska, Lukas Teren, Igor Vodraska
Project detail

Cloudy Water

In a small Slovak village, three sisters meet at their despotic father’s funeral. Each one them brimming with their own sort of life frustrations and feelings of blame towards the others, none of ...
MIDPOINT participants: Barbara Janisova Feglova, Martina Slukova
Project detail

Ungraspable Smell of Pancakes

The main theme of the story is bullying and the related threats of deformation in the developing child psyche (a tendency towards sociopathy - whether in the case of a victim or an aggressor, the ...
MIDPOINT participants: Ivo Miko, Juraj Slauka
Project detail

Mother of Darkness

On the day of her ninth birthday, Lucia disappears without a trace. Her unexpected return to her mother and the village community a year later is believed to be a God’s miracle. However, a series of ...
MIDPOINT participants: Peter Czikrai, Michal Kollar, Peter Balko
Project detail

The Luckiest Generation

Between the nineties and the noughties anything seems possible in the newly liberated and optimistic Czech society. Against this background, aspiring photographer Tomas and free-spirited Beata ...
MIDPOINT participants: Zdenek Viktora, Marek Grajciar
Project detail

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