Now reading: Feature Launch 2016 is here!


Feature Launch 2016 is here!

The seventh edition of MIDPOINT script development workshop starst on August 21, 2016. Check out the projects and participants

August 18, 2016 programs

As has traditionally been the case, August is the month of the MIDPOINT Feature Launch Workshop. Emerging filmmakers from all over Europe come to south Bohemia to be “locked up” in the middle of some beautiful nature so that they can work undisturbed on their scripts.

MIDPOINT emphasizes the importance of the creative tandem of the screenwriter-producer. This is why the program is open only to teams with semi-finished scripts, which can be further developed during this workshop. Submissions were accepted from professional filmmakers working on their first and second feature films.

MIDPOINT has also connected with new tutors and is pleased to introduce for the first time in the role of group leader, Anita Voorham, a freelancer working with TFL, the Dutch Film Fund and many more.

Moreover, after our successful cooperation with the Sundance Institute within this year’s IFF Karlovy Vary and the launching of a new workshop MIDPOINT Intensive @KVIFF Workshop,  Gyula Gazdag (Artistic Director of the Sundance Filmmakers Lab) will participate by providing consultations on the nine selected feature-length projects in this year’s edition of the Feature Launch.

Some of the guest tutors of this year´s edition include producer Danijel Hočevar (Vertigo), producer Pavel Strnad (Negativ) and Anna Leimbrinck, a sales and distribution expert from AG KurzfilmAgentur.

The Feature Launch is still also a platform for developing short films, so that is why five projects will be developed under the supervision of the director Pavel Marek, who is also a professor in the Directing Department at FAMU.

It should be noted that this five-day workshop is not the only thing that is happening within the Feature Launch module this year. MIDPOINT has been able to prepare, thanks to its partnership with EAVE, a special platform, which will take place within the EAVE’s Producers Workshop 3 in Prague (October 10-17, 2016). All MIDPOINT Feature Launch 2016 producers will be invited to join the open plenaries of the EAVE Producers Workshop 3. Moreover, two of them will be selected to receive individual meetings with selected EAVE decision makers and EAVE experts. The October session in Prague will also offer an opportunity for writers and directors to get consultations on the new versions of their script with their Feature Launch tutors.

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Jack in the Box

Zafer (24) is in the process of taking over the management of the company founded by his father Cemal (50) who is a famous business man. His girlfriend Kübra (25) is always trying to keep things ...
MIDPOINT participants: Can Eren, Beste Yamalıoglu, Can Eren
Project detail


Dragan, always a figher, before the war even semi proffesional boxer, now has given up. He lives off the pigs he breeds and almost exclusively communicates with them. Mihael, overweight due to his ...
MIDPOINT participants: Barbara Jukopila, Dorotea Vucic
Project detail

Restore Point

In the near future where, due to the progress in medicine, death is no longer the end of one’s life, detective Em Trochinovska has to solve a murder-mystery where the only witness is one of the ...
MIDPOINT participants: Robert Hloz, Tomislav Cecka, Jan Kallista
Project detail

La Mariée

In an old villa, on the outskirts of a town in western Poland lives professor of philosophy with his sister. Sister mostly performs duties of a housekeeper, she is totally subordinated to her ...
Project detail

Miss Hanoi

Synopsis of this project is not available.
MIDPOINT participants: Zdenek Viktora, Marek Grajciar
Project detail

Where is Sophia?

Set in a small Romanian alpine town, our film focuses on the story of a young rebellious 7 year old girl with a rich imagination - Maria, who as a result of her father’s recent death, has invented ...
Project detail


Pinkler is a girl, who is rather an adolescent than a 13 year old child. Opposite to her name she doesn't see the world in pink at all. She was made adult by her parents when they left her to state ...
Project detail

Very Short Waves

Czechoslovakia 1968. The police brutally break up a student march, but it is clear that the ice is beginning to thaw in totalitarian Czechoslovakia. Tomas, 30, is the son of political prisoners. ...
MIDPOINT participants: Jiri Madl, Monika Kristlova, Jiri Madl
Project detail

Stuffed life

The story about the conflict between the traditional and modern world follows the successful adventurist and a failed blogger Evgenij Hope when he finally comes back in his home to write a story ...
Project detail

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